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Full Version: Does'nt Polish Up To Bad For A Mk1 :d
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not to bad quite shinny, just t-cuted and then paint restorer jobs a gooden.
Its come up a treat. Just to finish off the look though, I would invest in some new number plates seeing the car is in good condition.
Looks great, a lot of hard work gone in to polishing their.
Halfords have some turtle wax rim polish that comes with a paint brush,
Spay it on,
Brush it in (watch your eyes when brushing)
Then hose it off and admire the shine, no broken fingers or scuffed knuckles.

And as said some new reg plates and she's back to show room condition.

Some ultra flat wiper blades on the front and rear will give it a smoother look too.
Maybe remove and spray the front upper and lower grills with plasti-koat gloss black too.

All in around 50pounds on top of the time spent on it already will be priceless
took me about 4hours, showroom condition minus the front bumper lol,

yeah am goin to get some new number plates this week noticed them standing out now ive polished it,

the back alloys come up good but the front the brake dust is welded on(last owner didnt look after it at all).

just brought them wiper blades as when i got it they were all rust :rolleyes:,

didnt think of doing the grill's good idea,

think ill go shopping tommorrow :D
Can i recommend clear/smoked front/side indicator lenses fitted with silvertec style bulbs to reduce the tango effect and a clear rear fog lens with a red cree Q5 bulb to even up the rear and give a nice bright light?
I'd also change the stock reverse bulb to a Cree Q5 to really set the rear off.







Just my suggestions.
yeah i am watching smoked side repeaters on ebay,

loving the smoked indicators got to have them defo,

ive brought a rear reverse light bulb just got to fit it its: 1x Ford Focus 382 P21W 24-LED Extreme Reverse Bulb Bright White Light Upgrade _ eBay
how do you get the link for the item like you have?
Just right click the page addresses and copy/paste
[quote name='danfocuszetec' timestamp='1361320869' post='237211']
ive bought a rear reverse light bulb just got to fit it its: 1x Ford Focus 382 P21W 24-LED Extreme Reverse Bulb Bright White Light Upgrade _ eBay
That bulb may require an inline resistor to illuminate if it doesn't when you plug it in and reverse.
If it does require a resistor to be fitted then id get a refund on the bulb and as clive says purchase a creeQ5 they work in both 12v and 24v fittings straight out of the package and have a resistor built in to the bulb no messing with heat sink in line resistors.
Worth every penny and 55watt of light with no heat as leds don't get half as hot as standard bulbs.
I just plugged in a standard LED bulb no resistors... The only time it becomes a problem, is when you use it on indicators and the likes, as they end up fast blinking because of the lack of resistance, but for a perma-lit light (non blinky) it shouldn't be a problem :)

I might invest in CREE's later, but personally dont have the fundage at the moment, I think that the pure white output of my reverse bulbs at the moment, offers a rather pleasant look to the motor, and since I plan on shortly fitting some nice tints to the motor, I dont think even the Cree's can save me :P

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