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Full Version: Tint - Home Or Pro?
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Well, as the winter sun looms down, and myself and the children are being driven beyond barmy by the winter sun and the glaring blindness it causes. I have already decided that I am by hook or by crook going to get the rear windows tinted, but I want to get some advice on it... So I found a set on ebay - about £40 for all the tints, and so far, I havent really found a cheap price online for a professional service, so I am deciding which is the best way to do it...

Has anyone either tinted their own windows, and can advise how difficult it is to get a good result, or know of any cheap yet quality services around the kent area, where I can get my windows done for a not so unreasonable price?

Unfortunately being married and having two small mouths to feed, immediately puts me into a not so strong position on the amount I can really spend on it, especially catering for my next challenge to install cruise control... so if anyone knows of a decent job for under £150 in the area, it would be appreciated if you can put me in touch!

If I can do it myself and its simple enough to do a good job without stuffing it up even better!
Done it before with terrible results, chasing bubbles and liquid is best left to the pro with the proper tools.
Thanks Lenny... Shame that! will have to keep an eye out for some good recommendations and decent prices!
Think it's about £120 locally for me - same people who do it for Ford.
Youtube videos make it look so easy , but i'm pretty sure it's not !. Have you thought about the Climair blinds. when i looked at tints on my old car , a guy at work had his done on his focus , they looked great from the out side , but he did not have kids in the back who would have banged and scraped at the tints , i also wonder about how long they last if your constantly lifting and dropping the wondow.
Have you thought about removable window blinds?
I'm contemplating them myself as they're mesh which allow air in with the rear windows down but no bugs or glare.
Removable for bad weather conditions and dark nights.-

Easily fitted and removed, not insurance reportable, looks like tints but no trouble with bubbles when fitting and glue smeared glass when removed.
Tbh I've convinced myself, gonna get a set for my wagon next month. :D
I managed to do the rear side windows on my Estate 5th time lucky but couldn't get the rear window right. I bought a really good quality roll of the stuff and cut it to size myself.

I tried once on this car and ended up throwing the stuff away. The pre-cut stuff is really thin and if you get it slightly wrong you may as well throw it away. I bought the blinds in the end. Much easier and you can remove them in the winter.
I'd definitely go pro, they do such a good job, garages local to me charge £70 which isn't half bad. I imagine doing it yourself would be like putting a screen cover on your phone. I just get frustrated with the bubbles, rip it back off and before you know it the stickiness has gone
Well cheapest price 165, average price 230...

I looked a bit further into the blinds, and where I initially thought that part of it went over the outside of the car, I was completely wrong, the image I was looking at was poorly pixelated, and looked it, but having looked further, it appears that they are entirely inside the car, so I am most likely going down the blind route...

Now to look at parking sensors...

EDIT: just bought these shades, nice price! cheaper than the rest and last minute deal as well before it expires tomorrow :D
There the ones I bought. Much cheaper and just as good quality as the ones sold by some Ford dealers.
Do they look like tints at all, or just blinds?
By coincidence I had some delivered yesterday.
This is what they look like from outside.


I'll get some inside shots soon and post up for you.
Yeah as soon as I get mine I will do the same :)

They look very good, but as I saw they had one day left on the offer (LAST DAY TODAY!!! if anyone wants them cheaper than others!) but it looks like an excellent alternative to tinting.
The benefits will show up better when we finally get some sun.
I'm more concerned with keeping heat down for the dogs in the back.
Yeah, I'm more for keeping the sun off the kids... less heat, less blinding, less whining!
I'd be greatly interested in this as well Stoney as I was looking at tints, but having kids I can see there being a rip in it one day...
The mesh does seem quite tough.
Time will tell I guess.
Could always fit an extra layer of mesh over it :P home made job with a pair of humongous tights should do :P

I paid £100 for all 5 back windows to be tinted proffesionally and dont regret it its one of the best visual mods ive done well worth what i paid.

Kuga X

i tried to self tint twice , 1st cost me more in film than what it would have done by professional and the 2nd time i took all the glass out and did it in the bath much better results but time consuming and still probably cheaper by the local window tint guy , pity you're not this way Norwich great guy does great job and not too expensive, had all my cars done by him now and between £100 and £300 depending on how many windows gets it done in a day too

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