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Full Version: After Market Focus Mk2 Spoiler
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George. 1991
[size=5][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Hey Gang...![/font][/size]

[size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Can anyone help me out here...?[/font][/size]

[size=4][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]Some time last year just gone, I have found a spoiler to go on a Ford Focus mk2 on ebay which look's ok but I can tell if most of you lot would say it's a after market spoiler...? the spoiler is temporarily formed on top of the boot spoiler by a form of glue base and it's tricky to remove it I've been told by the shop owner who is selling this spoiler on ebay. it's worth looking at it for fun :) [/font][/size]
[url=""][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=1] [/size][/font][/url]

[size=4][font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]The big question I want to ask by you guys is... Will it have any affect on say my own car insurance e.g. ?[/font][/size]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]Hope you guys will help me with some idea's/answers for me...?[/font]

[font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]George Hartas.[/font]
Any modification will affect your insurance although if its just a spoiler it shouldnt add an awful lot onto your premium as its not a performance modifications
I would look for an ST spoiler rather than relying on something that just sticks on , i would not want to see that wing come flying at me at 90mph , errmm i mean 70mph :)
Better off buying an ST spoiler, at least you know then that it ain't coming off.
ST spoiler would be better surely, but as long as you used good quality sealant I wouldn't have any fear of the one you've linked coming off. The genuine MS Design spoilers, like mine, are just glued on over the top of the standard spoiler. Can't comment on the quality of the one you've linked though.

As for insurance...I don't know if I'd bother! Although not a performance mod, just the word 'spoiler' can carry a prejudice with some insurers!
When I changed my standard Mk2 spoiler for the one from a 2.5 and informed my insurance there was no change to premiums, just the policy amendment charge, in my case 10.
Yeah, I totally agree that there shouldn't be, but I remember getting a quote for a car and mentioning it had a bodykit and the guy nearly had a heart attack! 'Oh we won't touch bodykits, spoilers etc for young drivers...' It was only when I convinced them it was factory fit and standard on that spec that they'd quote me!
Insurance companies are the biggest con artists of the lot of them
George. 1991
I totally agree with you (Pree) Umm YES! never thought about safety! whoops. :o

Ok So you lot agree ST yeah...? ok my intention is with my car is to mod it up a bit only using ford parts and perhaps change the speedo on it because It's really basic and I would love to have a trip computer on board in my Focus :D and that's it.... and later in the future I'll sell it to someone...?

Is it easy or hard to replace the original roof spoiler for an ST Spoiler...?

Thanks guys...

George Hartas.
Read my guide for fitting a spoiler listed in my signature.
One thing you'll need to do is make sure that when you buy the spoiler that you get an ST brake light too as they're a different shape from the standard Mk2 ones and also ensure you get the connecting plug with a few inches of cable connected.
There are two black wires to the brake light but no the Mk2 the live one is slightly thicker.
May be advisable to pick Brigante's brain as he has fitted an ST one.
As all the lads above say, go for the ST spoiler n you can't go wrong

Look out for bargains too, think I picked mine up for 60-80quid

As Clive says, he's written a guide on fitting a mk2.5/st spoiler and it's what I used when fitting mine. It's bang on n easy to follow, although not that you need it that much as it is a really easy job to do.

Few bolts, couple of clips n pull the washer hose off. Refit in reverse n job done.

As Clive says, the ST brake light has a different plug to the standard mk2 brake light plug. On the mk2 brake light wires, the live is a fair bit thicker than the earth so its easily distinguished which is which.

But on the ST brake light wire both wires are thin.

Still a very easy job though, hack the plugs off each brake light wire, n splice the mk2 brake light plug onto the ST brake light.

Its pot luck whether it'll work straight away so first temporarily tape one of the ST brake light wires to the earth wire of the MK2 plug, then do the live wires.

Get someone to press the brake pedal for you or jam a screwdriver on it while you look at the brake light, if it lights up then job done.

If it don't, release the brake pedal n undo the temporary taping. Swap the wires over then tape em up permanently nice n tight cause its gotta be the right way round now.

Press the brake pedal again n watch it light up.

Bolt the spoiler back on n job done.

Stand back n admire your work :P
George. 1991
Thanks Clive & Charlie...

I'll use your compliments if I'm definitely gonna buy the Spoiler :)

I'll put the finished product up on here to show you all what it looks like within my mind. p.s. as you can see on my profile pic. The boot spoiler as standard of the hole car it self lol. :)
Please remember to chuck up some piccies when done.
Trust me when I say that the lines of the car are much improved when swapping that black carbuncle of an original spoiler with a 2.5 or ST spoiler.
My car looks far better with a colour matched 2.5 one fitted.
George. 1991
Ok. Thanks Clive and the rest of you guys...

I'll keep you all posted in what I'm intended doing next to my car... :)

Oh! Just a another quick question. Say I went to my local TCH Ford Garage and say to one of them, is it possible to fit black tinted windows for a 06 reg Focus compare to some of the modern Ford vehicles in which they do have them on...?


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