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Full Version: Stonechip Or Scratch?
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Hi Guys, I have come across these guys who sell sheets of small sticker sets that are an exact match for your manufacturer paintwork and cover up stone chips and scratches.  It is a great solution instead of  paying repair costs for small chip, especially when things are tight. Check out

I think they may be useful perhaps very low on the car , but i would not use them high up where they would be visable , the video's never zoom in on the finish which i'm sure your going to see.
Their site appears to be down at the moment...
just had another look, its about £45 in ye ol' english, thats not too shabby, but it would be a problem for those whose paintwork may have faded

I have emailed them and asked if they cater for metallic paint, or if its just solid.

I like how they have got a note to say "only relevant questions will be answered" lol

May as well get a mobile chip removing chap to do them really if honest.


I see what your saying, they came back to me and said they do metallic.


The problem occurs when you need a mobile chip man to resolve a deep scratch to the plastic or primer, your then looking at a respray and in excess of £150 (had this on my ceed). for stone chips, they tend to be able to polish them out for £15 a pop or a small area.


I think for large deep scratches then they can be a good alternative till you have the funds to repair, but at £48 they are a nice handy to have in the car to tidy it up till then!

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