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Full Version: The Real Mpg
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Devils advocate
I know Fords bang on about late thirties and forties. But you guys out there on the UK roads, day in and day out, what you getting.
I pick up a Kuga two litre frozen white 163 ps powershift on the first of March, do I have to plan my shop journey around where the petrol stations are. Over to you?
Kuga Kev
I only get 32 MPG in my Kuga 2.0. (163) TDCi Titanium X Powershift Auto on my journey to and from work and on a long run I get 35 MPG. If this is a Mk 2 Kuga you are getting the MPG should be better then the Mk 1 Kuga thats why I am changing my Kuga for a Mk 2 Titanium X Powershift hopefuly next week. :rolleyes:
Devils advocate
Thanks Kevin for the real heads up on what your getting. Sounds like a low return. Why would the mrk 2 give any more, as I understand they using the same engines are they not, they may get one or two more miles per gallon out of it, if its been on a weight lost. They would have needed to have taken a lot out of it and not put any back in, to get anymore mpg in it... I would have thought, logically it's bigger there for slightly heavier.

I've got the American version (the Escape) and have managed to hit 29.8 MPG US (35.79 MPG Imperial) driving VERY carefully at 60 MPH.  Setting the cruise at 70 MPH and just letting it do whatever in a severe headwind, it managed to hit 26 MPG (31.22 MPG Imperial). 


Driving around town, not giving a care in the world what the fuel economy does, it gets 21.0 MPG (25.22 MPG Imperial)


Mine is the Titanium with the 2.0 Liter Ecoboost and Intelligent 4 wheel drive.


Note - if you take it into snow, it activates the 4WD automatically and the fuel economy drops off a cliff. 



I'm not positive if the Escape is the mark 1 or 2 Kuga.


It *is* the same vehicle but you can't do a true MPG comparison because the American engines are considerably more powerful. 


Mine is a 2.0 Liter Titanium Ecoboost - so a gas/petrol Turbocharged engine, and it's rated for 231 HP and 270 lb-ft of torque (240 HP on premium 91 octane).  A handy converter I found shows that to be 234 PS and 365 Nm.  I would expect the fuel economy of the less powerful engines in the UK to be higher.



Devils advocate
The new one 2013 around town, I'm getting 36.8 mpg much better then I hoped, but almost the same on the motorway 41.8 fully laden four adults and cases. The only thing that does frighten me is how quick the needle moves.

That sounds similar to what the 1.6 liter turbo Ecoboost gets here with 2 wheel drive, supposed to be rated for 33 US MPG or 39 UK MPG on the open road.  Ford doesn't offer a diesel option here on anything but the F-250 and larger pickup trucks.

Devils advocate
Yeah maybe, but sure Fords say fifty odd on the motorway, or am I making that up..... You lying b*******d, but I'm sure it is somewhere!
Kuga X

as the miles increase the MPG will improve Ray, my wife gets a new company car every 6 months and the last 4 cars have been diesels, and we've noticed the MPG improves once the car had a few thousand miles on the clock, and by quite a margin, unfortunately as soon as she starts to get the best MPG they change her car again ;)  i think when you get about 5-7k on the clock it will improve quite dramatically  ;) even  if you go to most manufactures regarding the MPG they wont even test a diesel till its got a few miles on the clock  ;)


It does say in the manual not to even try figuring out MPG until you have 1000 miles, and that 3000 miles would be better.

Devils advocate
Well Eamon, that's great news to hear, so that almost makes the vehicle the perfect mode to transport yourself around in, yo lucky man, you still got yours to play with, the wife will not see you for hours on end!
Devils advocate
Eric, thanks for that, must be coming up to my first thousand miles soon, that fuel needle moves as fast as the motor does.
On a side note just bought a in car video recorder, used it for the first time, it's ok not as good as the old bills one, but would help in a difficult situation, it will help you or hang you, either way not a bad thing to have.
P.S I hope
Kuga X

lol yea Ray, i usually nick her motor when i'm away on business get her to fill the car then i claim mileage back lol win win think thats why she wants me to buy my own new car lol,

as to your  in car video, i have a set up on my trike ( pedal trike not motor well small electric motor for when i get tired ;) )  but it records whats going on around me after a few close calls invested in it so i'll have evidence when / if something nasty happens, been lucky so far but better safe than sorry, I've been looking at a few on ebay, where did you get yours any links?  they seem to range in price for in  car from a few ££ to mega bucks... the one on my trike i paid £60 for the camera and £20 for the mount (on handle bars)

Devils advocate
Yeah they do go for silly money, but I think it's a case you get what you pay for I suppose, any way mines the one I bought out of Maplins, it's HD cost £59 of your British pounds and then about eight quid for the eight gig card it gives you about two hours worth of recording time.
The picture quality is ok you won't win awards with it, but it does show you what's going on in front of you, the colours are goodish, for let's face it a cheap camera, I would happily show it to a copper and I think it would leave him or her in NO doubt about what went on. It does not give you GPS or other information just bad sound quality and a pic.
So you takes your choice Eamonn. I think, it's two out of five. I've heard bad things
About the cable catches fire or melts, mine ant yet, then there's the moans about the quality of the picture, but as long as you can see what's what,I think some want BBC camera for under £60, it ant going to happen my friend. Sorry about the rotation of this attachment blooming iPads

For anyone wanting one from Maplins, I go for the cheaper VGA one clearer pics. As the HD is not real HD, so a win, win just £35 British pounds and use the saving to get a class ten 8 meg card.
Kuga X

Thanks fella might give Maplins a look at the weekend, didn't think of them, but there only down the road from me, cheers £60.00 seems reasonable and as long as you can make out whats happened it'll do for me, i don't want to win an Oscar for my film work lol, looks like it can take up to 32gb how does it attach  is it a sucker on the window? 

cheers for the info and pics fella

Devils advocate
Oh yes that's very good sucker too. It's very good quality, I did hope it would be dash mounted but unfortunately put mine behind the mirror which as you will find is not as easy as first thought.
But at least is a bit of insurance if nowt else a. Lol

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