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Full Version: Two Fusion 3 Questions
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Hi all,

Just a couple of things I've noticed about my Fusion 3 (53 reg) that I wanted to check:

- When driving the car first thing in the morning (with the air blower set to 0) I can still feel a (strong) draft coming in through the blowers. Is this normal? I normally have to set the air circulation thing to 'car only', else I'm frozen.

- When remote locking the car, should the headlights flick on and off in indication? Mine don't, to the point where I get no visual indicator of the car locking/unlocking. Not sure what's meant to happen here, but if you could enlighten me, I'd be grateful.


My Fusion (06 reg) does the same thing with the blowers so i'm hoping it's normal :) seems to be the same on my Dad's Fusion 2 as well.


On locking the car your indicators should flash and the interior lights should dim/switch off but when you open the car your indicators should flash and your headlights, tail lights and interior lights should light up for roughly 30 seconds to help you locate your car in car parks, get in and sort your seatbelts, etc.


One of the things I also didn't realise for a few weeks of owning the car was that when opening and locking the car it's best to press the button twice it seems to double lock the car somehow plus my lights seem to flash on the second button press :) just something to try :D


Hope that helps you :D


Thanks for the reply! Good news about the blowers; though to be honest ever since this gorgeous sunshine I've not needed them (as much) (touch wood).


Re: locking, pressing the button once seems to unlock/lock the full car.


I'll try doing the second push to get the lights working, but any other ideas would be appreciated! :)


No problem, helping a fellow Fusion owner is always a pleasure :D Yeah it's the 2nd button press on the locking that seems to help not sure on opening but i do it for both now just out of habit :D 


Come to think of it - when I open the boot I always seem to need two button presses anyway, so who knows. Might as well try it!


Yeah boot lock is 2 button presses so you don't do it by accident :)


Ah ok. Will see if the headlights come on with two presses on the other buttons then.


Right. I tried pressing the button multiple times - but the headlights/indicators etc didn't go on. The only thing that happens is when I unlock remotely, the interior lights go on, and when I lock, they dim. But the external lights do nothing at all.


What else could this be?


might be with mine being a newer model but other than that i have no ideas :/


Oh, good point! It would be good to have confirmation of whether my F3 should be doing it or not. So many questions... so little time :P


yeah i was the same when i got mine and the major one was "does no-one make any cool stuff for a fusion?!" :/

I'm intrigued. Does anyone?

Hi there fellow Fusion owners. I've had two Fiestas- unfortunately both written off with me and same daughter inside. So I bought a Fusion and its so much better than the previous cars! But I do have a few queries/ faults. One is the removal of the rear light unit. Its not the same as my ex 07 Fiesta. Also this car lights up the consol when there are no keys inside which especially noticible at night. Someone said it was an aftersales Bluetooth that is fitted.  Any ideas folks or is it a major fault ? Thus requirinf a new consol etc which ford aren't likely to replace.

Yours Dragon Siw.


Not sure about any aftermarket Bluetooth stuff but when you say the console lights up do you mean when you lock it? The screen in the dashboard and the radio screen should stay lit up for roughly 15 minutes after locking it, assuming you have the same spec and radio as me (Zetec and 6000-CD) as for the rear lights there's a wingnut on the back of the cluster (under a flap) according to the owner's manual that you have to undo to remove it, after that it should be the same as a Fiesta (my Dad had one a while ago). I hope that helps :D


Hi and thanks Jamie,

I knew about the small time that the lights are on after you lock it. that is the same as the previous Fiesta ( before it was written off grrr ). Also the welcoming lights are useful when its dark etc. No, what I mean is when everything has shut down you can return to the vehicle at any time during the night to find the consol light. Ok you can put the key into the lock and turn it so that it puts all the welcoming lights on and then lock it up again. This in effect cancels the consol being on of its own accord ofcourse the key is not in the steering column.

All I can get from a dealership is that because someone has fitted a bluetooth device, is that this is causing it. Personally if this is the case. Maybe the consol lights due to incoming messages. You see Ive bought the vehicle second hand. It was a dissability car and they must have fitted it. But as you can guess its causing problems and I don't have either the pin code for it nor an idea of how to take it out. My eldest daughter with her smart phone has checked and it is live ! But without a pin its of no use. If it causes problems I want to take it out as my 2nd hand three month warranty is out and the dealerships are dragging their feet. Eventually I fear I will come to it and there'll be precious little battery life left.

Many thanks for you time and your reply, Jamie.



Ahh right  :unsure: no idea then sounds like the bluetooth thing is affecting it. Have you checked the rear lights yet? 


No problem :)


Hi again Jamie- we did the lights this morning- they're not so easy if you compare then to the ? mk6 cluster. That was just 2 screws and pull, effectively. Butthe newer set on the Fusion - what a *** well I won't write it. It is probably the first time that the light assembly has been off for a replacement bulb. But that is done and looks good again.

I have seen quite a few ppl use these Led lights. Do they run on less power,? and are they street legal ? More to the point are there any problems fitting them ? I'm interested but its notthe top job on my list... ha ha ha.

Yours and much obliged.


Concerning your Bluetooth system, have you tried searching the web for it's default code?
People rarely change them.
Probably 0000 or 1234 as most are.

they run a lot less power and last a lot longer but not sure if they're 100% legal but seems stupid if they're not :/ i think they're just a straight swap with your normal bulbs as long as the bulb type's the same and I agree with Stoney841, check online for a default code or see if the manufacturer can help you directly :) 


Hi again,

The first thing we tried was to find a code, trying all the usual types with daughter's mobile and they do't work. As to manufacturers ? I don't know what type it is except that it is a cream thing mounted on the right side of my strutt at the top of my front windscreen,! That matches the interior colour. I am trying to get a handbook but as I mentioned I bought it 2nd hand and the dealer is being ?? I haven't yet got one for the car. Never mind the blue tooth unit itself.....I have no chance as I see it. If I knew how it was attatched I would take it out myself, but, the dealership is supposed to be sorting it out for me. Yes you guessed it.... still waiting !  The wire from it goes into the interior facia type cover and I don't know where it exits.....Any ideas?

Yours ,,,,,,, with loads of thanks.

Dragon Siw.

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