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Full Version: Wipers Will No Stop, Help Please
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I hope someone can help me out. I have a 2009 Ford Focus and when I start the car the wipers go on even though the stalk is in the off position, they stop after a minute but can park anywhere on the windscreen and if I try to put them on then off they keep going for another minute before they park anywhere they decide to
Sounds like a faulty relay sticking im working so cant check the book but i believe the relay is in the engine bay fusebox
Look to the passenger footwell fuse box, the wiper relays are there.
According to Haynes there should be 3 relays-
Low speed front wiper relay
High speed wiper relay
Rear wiper relay.
Strangely enough the fuse board layout on another page shows only two relays though.
Easiest thing is to activate the front and rear wipers and work out by the clicking of the contacts which is which.
You can swap one with the other to test the relays, you'll soon be able to suss which one is broken (if it is the relays) or at least eliminate them from the diagnosis if both are ok.
Thanks guys I will have a look at the relays. I was told by a mechanic that I will need a new gem module if the wipers are not working which seemed abit extreme. I will check the relays and report back. Thanks for the detailed instructions stoney
Guys I checked the fuse box under the footwell and in the engine bay and unless I am going mad the one in the footwell has no relay at all and the one in the engine bay looks to be missing relays where I think the relays should be, does anyone have a diagram of where the relays should be and what they look like, I am 99% sure I know what the relay looks like but I cannot see anything, please help guys
Check the back of the fuse board.
Checked the back of the fuse board in the engine bay and there is no relays where it looks like there should be and in the footwell there is no fuse board. Do you have a diagram at all or any other ideas?

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