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Full Version: Notice To All Newbies - Please Don't Introduce Yourself On This Thread!
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Please take a moment to have a quick read of the forum rules before making posts on the forum. This is to clear up any confusion ie over posting items for sale/posting in the correct sections etc smile.png.

The rules can be found here

Any questions feel free to ask myself or one of the other moderators/members of staff.

Kind Regards


Mikes zetec s
How do I get one of the club stickers ??
You need to purchase a club membership
Mikes zetec s
How much is that

Please remember folks, that the "New Member Introductions" area is just to say "Hi, My name is... I drive a .... and I am interested in...."


Please do not post "should I change...." or "What do you think...." or any other conversations in this area, only post hello's and if you are looking for help then you need to post elsewhere (please read on).


1) If your driving one of the main Ford Groups (Fiesta, Focus, CMAX, SMAX, Galaxy, Sierra etc) then please post your questions, advice, guidance, how do I's in this appropriate category if it refers to your car. for example "My Fiesta wont start" - Fiesta forum. "My CMAX blew up" - CMAX section. "My Mondeo is driving me crazy" - Mondeo Section. If your posting about a particular make of car, put it in that section.


2) Only post in the "Guides" sections if you are posting a guide (like you see in Haynes!) on how to do something. "A guide on how to remove the pollen filter from a Focus" - Focus Forum - Focus Guides sub forum. "A guide on how to replace a battery on a Fiesta" - Fiesta Section -


3) If you have questions, or suggestions of a cleaning / detailing nature - "How should I wash my car?" or "what polish can I use to make my car sparkle" belong in the detailing and cleaning section.


All of these will help you to best get a response. Please do not post anything and everything into either the introductions, or the "general chat" sections. On this forum, we have a lot of members, who between them have an excellent level of knowledge in specific car area's, and they tend to congregate more so in their own area's. If you want a quick answer, Post directly in that section and someone can hopefully come back to you soon.


Please DO NOT post multiple copies of the same thread and/or post, as these are likely to be removed.


Please review the main forum page, and familiarize yourself with the categories and forum's that we have. We are here to help, and as a forum, pride ourselves as being the best on the net (top of most ford related searches!) as such, to ensure that you get the best from us as a new member, please help yourselves, and help us to get back to you sooner rather than later.


hi became a member today and tried to read the rules but was not allowed access please cn you tell me why


It may be a problem with your browser.
Try clearing you cache and cookie files and try again.
BTW the link works for me ok.
Just like to say hi I'm Andy and I am a new member

Hi Andy, feel free to create a new thread in this section (that way its all yours rather than borrowing another thread :))


Welcome along though!


Hi Jeebo, ive just posted a new topic if you care to take a look i hope this is ok. this site is quite complicated lol :)


Mondeo P0251 Injection pump A - Circuit malfunction (cam/rotor/injector) this is the topic i posted




Hi Andy, I will certainly take a look when I get a chance but quite busy at the moment! The site isn't too complicated, but we are taking time to try and make it easier all the time. If you do have any questions though, feel free to ask. :)

hello all new member. ive been trying to locate my code for radio. my car is a ford focus 55 plate serial no. !Removed! the code i have with owners guide does not work. can anyone help me get my code?

Codes are not given out on the forum as per the forum rules.


Hello all, newbie here just got myself a 07 titanium focus drives great no jdea what is has tho tbh, hope to gain some in sights


Hi James,


Feel free to start a new thread in the intro section, and we can all say Hi from there, but for now - Hello!

Hi guys I'm new here just bought a ford focus mk2 I'm looking for modifying advice. how do I post to the groups to get answers I'm lost :) cheers peeps

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Hi SJ91


Please feel free to start your own thread in the welcome section :)

V6 Lover
Hi newby here having a problem putting in a post the only way i can post is to reply to a post,
Anyhow ive owned 6 fords the last 3 being mondeos,currently driving a lusty 3.0V6 ghiax in black 55reg
V6 Lover
Hi newby from Wirral here any mondeo fans in that general area or am i on my own seems any motors around here that owners seem enthusiastic about are vectras and 3door astras all the mondys seem neglected :(

Hi, why not start your own thread in this forum?

Hi, I'm Dan and drive an 1.8 07 Focus Zetec. Am really interested in how people modify their cars, have read quite a few threads already, and have got a few ideas on what I want to do. Thanks, Dan.

An update to all newbies!


Please don't reply to this thread introducing yourself!


We want you to have your own thread where you can have your dedicated welcomes and any small conversations that might follow on from your greetings! we want you to get to know each other and have a quick chat with members and its best if you do that in your own thread!


Why not start a thread in the introduction section, introduce yourself, where you are from and what your plans are with your car! that way we can get to know you on a more personal level rather than mixing your welcomes in with others in this thread.


If you have any questions, or are unsure how to start a thread, then click here then send me a message. I will be more than happy to help!

how do i post so i can introduce myself an get tips for my ford. many thanks
hi new to this just bought my first ford for years a mondeo zetec on a 2008 plate. allready changed the double din to something more practical and better looking. im interested in remapping the car but dont no anything about the process so any advice would be great. many thanks

Hi Mark,


Go back a page to the newbie introductions, at the top right of the topics list is a "Start New Topic" button


Click this, and you can start your own topic for introducing yourself.


If your looking for mod advice, go to the forums, then scroll down, about 2/3 of the way down the list is the modding discussions thread as well as a project build thread, where you can see other peoples building of their cars!

mondeo mk 4 2008. slight vibration through accelerator pedal between 1500 and 1750 rpm. not sure if exhaust or engine note change. any advice. thanks

Hi Mark,


Please pop over to the mondeo forum and start a new thread.

Hi all my name is lea. Just joined, have two pumas that are used as track cars. Just wanted to say hi

Welcome Lea, but please dont introduce yourself here, If you post yourself an introduction in the root of the welcome forum we can look to say hi!

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