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Full Version: Tail Light Out. Advice Please?
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Not a focus related topic, nor ford at that matter lol

But it can apply to any car and I know some of you helpful chaps may be able to offer up some advice.

Me kid sister has a vw polo (least its not a v######l ;) )

Yesterday the nearside brake light went and today she took it to halfrauds to get it changed.

But now thats working, the near side tail light has stopped working instead.

I've had the light unit out and inspected the bulb, it appears to be fine with no signs of being blown.

Any ideas what the cause could be? Electrical related maybe?

I was gonna take the bulb out the driver side light unit to try but she was moaning its too cold to be playing about with it so I thought I may as well post here.
The passat suffered from this as well i always had to change them in pairs no idea why even when just 1 was blown the second i replaced it the other went i wont pretend to know why the holders always seemed fine no signs of corrosion and replacing both would fix it i always suspected an electrical issue but vw arent cheap to get looked at so never bothered though vws are notorious for water leaks into the pass footwell where vw keep the gem module worth a check as they get corroded
When you say in pairs mate do you mean change both tail lights together (near + driver side at same time) or change the tail light and brake light from one light unit at the same time?

As all the bulbs on the driver side rear cluster are working fine. Its just the passenger side.

If you mean the latter though I'll tell her to change the brake + tail light at the same time

She's now just informed me that the rear wiper doesnt work either.

Reckons the electrics are knacked and she's phoned me old man whos getting a mechanic out.

Is this sounding gem related?
Yeah do both lights at the same time so both tail lights even if one only goes no idea why it worked if that doesnt work its electrical and the gem is where to look first
All the lights on the driver side are fine though mate. Its just the passenger side.

The passenger brake light went, so she had it changed. But soon as that was changed, thr passenger side tail went instead.

What you reckon to the rear wiper going as well mate?
I always replace bulbs in pairs, guaranteed one will go then the other.
The wiper may be a fuse going due to a surge back to the gem when the bulbs went.
Was just about to say check the fuses halfords arent exactly geniuses they may have shorted something if all the fuses are oksy tgen the connection on the gem sounds like a fuse though
None of the bulbs in the driver side cluster are going though.

What would cause the tail light to go after the brake light being changed?
Sometimes any of the bulbs in the cluster if one goes they all go tgeres two 5 amp fuses next to each other for the tail lights ive blown a fuse just replacing a bulb before perhaps the bulb was faulty or the numpty fitting it gave it a knock try replacing the bulb check them all then check the fuses im assuming shes got the dash warning that a bulbs out
Probably the other bulb was on it's way out and disturbing it changing the other was enough to make it go. Wiper could be a coincidence, I've seen stranger things happen!
It could be the filament was weak and moving the light unit was enough to disconnect but the break may be so fine you can't see it - Change the bulb and try it.

Wiper - Probably just coincidence

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