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Full Version: Focus Mk1.5 Electric Windows?
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Ok so I haven't posted on here for quite a while but I'm in need of some advice, hopefully someone can help.
My driver side window recently decided to stop working as it should, so I took the door card off, to be greeted by what used to be the window motor cable, now tangled up into a massive knot. The cable itself is now useless due to the knots and creases etc, but I have found two options for repairing it; either a complete new assembly (motor and cables all pre-assembled), or a cable repair kit for repairing the existing components. So has anyone had any experience with these kits? It seems like the way to go as it is massively cheaper, but I am unsure to difficulty and how to actually fit it?
Any help or suggestions or thoughts greatly appreciated as always, thanks in advance!
hi mate i had the same problem i changed the whole unit and put my old motor back on it.the job took me about 2 hours as its very fidly i didnt go for the repair kit and glad i didnt cos i think i hindsight it looked hard work.The part cost about £68 inc vat from Andrew Page if there is one near you,Ford wanted double!
Ok I haven't seen just the assembly without motor, only the complete unit, which from ford is over £200! The kit I was looking at was this:
Which comes with video instructions, although I have been told its very important to wind the cable correctly or else!
I just figured I might be better off spending £15 and chancing it because it might just work, then saving myself lots of £.
I'll phone around and check if my local motor factors provide the part you described.
Thanks for your help (:
Oh just another thought..
How easy is it to actually remove the assembly? I took the foam liner off about half way, but didn't really see any simple way of it all coming out of the door!
its 4 bolts 2 at the top 2 at the bottom the foam didnt look to clever when id finished so used duct tape to hold in place,i set it up on the floor so i knew it was the right way up before shuffling it into place.The glass is held on with 2 bolts i loosely tightened these while i sent the window up and fastened tight after it was in the correct position.
didnt fancy that kit,there are a couple of vids on youtube as well,worth a watch anyway
Ok thanks (: I think I'm going to try one of the repair kits first,just to see if it solves the problem, if not then I found an Andrew page branch about 10 mins from me, so ill get on to them for the parts and replace everything!
Ok we're there any other kits that looked better? I'll have a look on YouTube and see how much of a job it looks
think there maybe other kits but still didnt fancy it give yourself plenty of time good luck and hope it dont rain lol
Thanks haha, I'll have a go and post up on here when it's done, if I remember I'll take some pictures as well

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