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Full Version: Potential Fusion Or Focus Owner Looking For Advice
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The Bear
Hi guys, hope you're all well.

I currently own a Vauxhall Omega 2.5 V6 and have decided that the very poor fuel economy is crippling me and my wallet.

SO. Downsizing is the option I'm going to take and after a few weeks of researching I've decied the Fusion (possiblt a Focus) is for me

There's a lot of choice on the Trader which is pleasing but I am keeping my eye on this...


Really was just hoping people could give me any tips or advice on things to look for when purchasing my new friend

The only thing I must have is an automatic as I only have one hand.

I'm currently in College learning motor vehicle and am confident I know what I'm looking for when I go to purchase the car but wanted to see if there were any ''known'' isuues or common problems to look out for to give me every advantage to make sure I don't accidentally buy a pup.

Many thanks and look forward to your reply(s).


I would advise look to the Focus, although its not quite as MPV, there are a few faults that have been inherited over the years but the Focus is a much more robust motor, you get more bang for your buck and its always a pleasant drive. The only real bad guy to watch out for when purchasing your car is the devils work of the Diesel Particulate Filter, if engine size is no problem, go for a 1.8 as they dont tend to have them. Otherwise you could get them mapped out and get more power still.
The Bear
Thanks Jeebo.

I got to be honest I think we're set on a Fusion. Really seen some excellent looking examples at decent prices.

Does anyone know the following:

What is the cambelt replacement interval?
What oil does it take?
Any info on the reliability of the Auto-box would be great


Cheers guys
The Bear
Found this site that shows the timing belt interval as 100,000 miles or 8 years.... so looks as though the 04 plates would be due so I'll make sure they're done :)

Hi Steve,

100k is most the time the standard on Fords....

The alternate place to look is;jsessionid=971F35A39FDCF77485B9A5403610920C.fcvas503 - (open in Internet Explorer, it seems to do special things in other browsers) if you pop your suspected purchase reg number in, you will get the entire service schedules :) and any outstanding recalls for your vehicle.

As for the Fusion, if its what suits you best, and if you can get a good car for a good price then go for it :)

So other than the value for money, anything else drawing you in?

the oil tends to be 5w40, and the autobox is something I am just getting used to in the CMAX, its an excellent addition, but I find that the extra weight does detract a little from the handling, but as its no race car, and never will be... I find the Ford Powershift a pleasure to drive though, hopefully the autobox is no different in the fusion.
The Bear
Thanks again Jeebo :) much appreciated :)

Yeah, we're not really interested in performance or handling to be honest. Just want a very reliable car with good to excellent fuel economy and cheap service parts (as I do all the servicing on our cars).

There are some really excellent examples around judging by the photos; this would link in to them mostly only being owned by women that have looked after them!

I've called a few garages. And as I'm looking at 03-04 cars I'm looking for the cambelt to be done but I can't find one car that's had the cambelt change done due to it being over the 96 months.

Is there a guide on here that I can use? I've looked on Google and can't find one apart from someone on another forum confirming there are not timing marks and you have to use a locking kit (which when I looked is only £15 off eBay :))


not sure, dont think I saw any guides specific to the fusion, all I can recommend is a Haynes manual... pick em up for a tenner these days!
The Bear
No worries, I'll pick one up :)

Hopefully it won't cause much hassle to do it :)
The Bear

Hi guys,


Well, decided in the end to go for a newer Fusion because I looked in to the timing belt replacement and even though I sort of understand what you got to do there was a few things that I didn't quite understand.


So bought a 06 Ford Fusion...


She's a 1.6 Fusion '+'. She's only covered 39k miles and the engine is silent. love it! and the best part... got 46mpg on a motorway trip to get her back home (just over 100 miles).


going to change the oil tomorow with 5w30 fully synth. and a new filter. Every other fluid looks great. Well the oil does look good as well but I'm obsessed with oil changes lol


Got a ford fiesta haynes manual on order (as i believe the 02-08 covers the fusion) and ill be interested to know how to do the brake disc/pad replacement. those strange metal ire clips are confusing me somewhat - has anyone on here written a guide by any chance? they dont need doing but i like to prepare myself lol



The Bear

forgot to add...


there is a slight vibration between 70-80 through the wheel and the car itself. i'm thinking the wheels need to be balanced. i take it no one has heard of any other crazy/expensive reason for the vibration? lol cheers

Its most likely the rear wheel balancing. If its not, just check the wear on the inside of the rear tyres. If this is excessive it will give the same affect as the balancing being out.

You sometimes get dealers switching the front tyres with the rears when the front tracking had been out, so you end up with tyres that are worn on the inside on the rear.
The Bear

cheers bt :)


Welcome aboard with the fusion then! it looks like you got yourself a good deal there!


Hopefully it wasnt too expensive to buy?

The Bear

Thanks Jeebo.


It's quite nippy. VERY ligh accelerator. go near it and you shoot off. not quite used to it but ill get there. love it though :)


Congrats on your fusion Steve,


Bet your loving that, my dad had the same model omega when we had the caravan and found it was a very thirsty car. On top of that when the head gasket went it cost a small fortune!


The fusions are nice cars, I always look at them as the fiestas big sister to be honest. When I had a slight vibration in the wheel it was caused by a small nick that had somehow happened on the inside of the alloy by the person before me. Don't know whether that helps. :)

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