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Full Version: Coilovers Very Low,should I Bin Them And Get Original Ones
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hi i am new to this forum,i have just bought a 2003 focus st i am picking the car up tomorrow but the guy said the car has h and r coilovers on and it sits very low,my question is can i make the car ride higher or shall i just go out and get some original shocks.any help.thanks ste
I wouldn't say they're too low really; but depends on the coilover, some are adjustable and some aren't. You'd have to jack it up and see.
H and R are quality German coilovers, that use Bilstein components, some are adjustable in height, they produce lowering springs as well, which are non - adjustable

It may be very expensive to return the car back to standard, try the car how it is and see how you get on, watch out for speed bumps and pot-holes!

Its not to everyones taste, coilovers can have a very hard ride, more appropriate for the track than the road, you may like the go cart feel - and i suppose you were not looking for a limo if you bought a Focus ST

Finally, coilovers are usually lighter than stock suspension, for a lower unsprung mass and better power to weight ratio

Normally, this weight saving is negated by the (massive) subwoofer in the boot and the burberry baseball cap worn the wrong way round! :D

I bet it has other modifications?
It's well known sub's add 10bhp, and those caps are the secret to 25bhp.
[quote name='b1g_dav3' timestamp='1361987158' post='239424']
It's well known sub's add 10bhp, and those caps are the secret to 25bhp.

Yes, is a proven fact, especially on a 1L Corsa LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

Apologies for the language....

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