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Full Version: Faulty Sensor
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Hi going back a few months ago my 1.8tdci (2007) focus temp gauge would always stay at 60 degress on my trip to and from work from a cold start (i work 1.8 miles away). Then just before alternator went on the car the gauage would rise no more than 75 degrees. Since getting the alternator changed i find that within the short journey the temp gauge will go mainly between 60 and 75 (usually half way). When its warm warm it stays just below half way never goes past but on cold start will go up and down a bit (i.e. waiting at lights). I am not loosing oil, coolant etc so just wondering if its normal or maybe a dodgy sensor.
1.8 miles in a diesel mate im surprised the needle moves at all it will take a lot more miles than that to warm the engine
yeah it'll take around 5-10 miles to warm the car up
It takes around 5 mins before get home due to lights traffic roundabouts etc. It will only start moving when near home or just parked up. Think i may get a new sensor put in.
5 minutes is nothing diesels take a while just to get warm i think youre wasting youre money nothing suggests a fault exists take it on a drive for 20 mins before spending money for no reason
I do 12k a year. If not in work i drive 75 miles to wales and do alot off miles near home. Car runs fine doesnt get passed middle. Was just being a short journey thought my sensor might be faulty.
I've got the 1.8tdci and you temp gauge needs more than 5 mins to get going, as stated above, they take a while to get warm. And I've not seen mine go past half way in the year I've owned it lol.
Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll get someone look at it only because curious what it is and it's under warranty

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