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Full Version: Remap - How Much More Mpg Have You Gained?
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A burning question in the back of my mind... You buy a remap - but how much more MPG do you actually get? so for anyone who has a remap, would you post the below details? I am quite curious, and it would be handy as a data gathering exercise!

Ford Model :
Year / MK :

Remap Purchased:
Approximate Cost:

Power Before Remap:
Power After Remap:

MPG Before Remap:
MPG After Remap:

Ford Model : Focus ST 225
Year / MK : 2006
Engine: 2.5T

Remap Purchased: Superchips Bluefin
Approximate Cost: £40 (2nd hand) + £176 reset = £216

Power Before Remap: 225 (STD)
Power After Remap: 280ish (rolling roaded at 248 but with faulty boost solenoid valve - not RR since but feels mighty stronger)

MPG Before Remap: 30.8
MPG After Remap: 30.8

Just for the record; I installed the Bluefin on an otherwise standard car and therefore got more boost (3/4 of the guage rather than 1/2 as standard) so felt much fruitier. To go onto Stage 2 map (and as it was summer) I fitted an uprated Airtec Gen3 inercooler. This increased MPG from - at the time - 31 to 34 doing the same runs. Now that the car and I have got used to the extra power, (and having fun) it's settled down at the 30-32 mark agian. The 30.8mpg is the average since I bought the car in October 2011.

I always run on Super Unleaded (Tesco 99) as my ECU has adaptive capability to use the extra RON (and it pops and bangs more - what a child I am... :D )

But then I didn't get the Bluefin to get more MPG ;)
lol good feedback there Dal, its one of those scenarios that I wonder if paying any money towards a power boost would give me any better MPG (easier to sell the idea to the missus that way :P)
Most give a 10 - 15% increase if driven the same way as before the remap.

I went from 157bhp to 211bhp in my little Mitsubishi Colt :P Now that is a little pocket rocket.
how much did you pay for your remap?
Was £429 I think, Celtic Tuning map. Came out to my University during a free period :P
lol, I am keeping an eye out at options, I dont think I can afford it anytime soon, shame as remap science are doing a thorough remap for £150 for February only...

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