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Full Version: 1.6 Tdci Econetic - Dissapointing Mpg's
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Sutton Stourmead

Our new '62 Mondeo 1.6TDCi Zetec is now 3 months old and is struggling on the MPG front.

3813 miles covered, and 481 litres of diesel consumed
maths below...
cheapest diesel locally is £1.429 per litre as of 25th Feb

total miles 3813 total litres 481 weeks 12 miles per lite 7.927235 litres per mile 0.126147 miles per £1 5.5474 £ per mile 0.180265 weekly miles 317.75 weekly £ 57.27908 weekly litres 40.08333

in old english, 36 miles per gallon (thats 12.76km per litre)

I know it's winter but I've not been tempted to activate the A/C, so it's just the heater set at about 20 and lights in the evening...

my commute is Enfield to Thurrock, so is a 20 mile run over the eastern section of the A406 (50mph) and a little bit of 70mph A13
my other 117 miles a week are just pootling around enfield and harringey in the usual stop start traffic.

Evren so - what gives? this is a 60+mpg engine, right? I'd have thought that i'd be on around 45mpg's, and i know it's a new engine etc, but 36mpg?

this is done with real maths and volumes at the pump, so i'm not relying on the trip computer here.

Could there be something wrong? The engine pulls clean and smooth, the tyres are at the right pressure, i am not carrying a ton of concrete in the boot....

please - any suggestions / comments would be welcome!

I recently test drove a 2013 1.6TDCI Zetec Business Edition at a main dealer, it had just over 3000 miles and was the company car of one of the salesmen, I checked the trip, it had never been reset and matched the odometer, it was getting 55 point something MPG and I would imagine the salesman got free fuel so was not driving it for economy.

Another 1.6tdci I sat in but didn't drive was less mileage but again was in the high 50's fuel consumption.


If you know of anyone who has a 1.6tdci titanium x for sale, in white or silver,, please point them in my direction

With less than 4000 on the clock it may just still be it's running rich as parts still wearing in I have a 2.0 tdci titanium x and i drive in London and I find if I fill up at tesco I get very bad mpg but if I fill up at shell I get a lot better mpg for some reason I find if I fill up anywhere but shell the mpg is bad so if you are using any other garage try shell for a few tanks see if that's any better

As Aaron said, I would be looking at the engine still breaking in. If your still getting that around 6 - 8 thousand miles, then their may be an issue


As the initial post was over 10 months ago and only 3 replies from Forum Members since, it would be nice for an update from the original poster.

I would imagine that he has done several thousand more miles and a later update on fuel consumption would be appreciated, especially as the 1.6tdci is top of my to buy list, if I can find a nice one.

Sutton Stourmead

Hi Team!


17000+ miles later and the 1.6 TDCi econetic is returning appx 50 mpg in mixed driving (Fast A road / rush hour M Way / in-town stop start)


Drove up to birmingham and back and for that trip it got closer to 60 on the avg readings.


So in fairness to it, i do have the a/c on at least 66% of the time, but then i did that when i had the old 1.9 octavia as well...

In all,  i'm not that impressed with this performance - i think the 1.6 doesnt have the oomph for such a fine handling and also heavy car so you always push the engine harder. and this eats the mpgs. 


overall, definately wish we had gone for one with the standard suspension and 2.0 engine - the Zetec econetic is stuck behind turbo lag at every junction, has no guts up hills, and worst of all came with sports as standard to lower ride height and improve mpgs. this means the tray and front grill spray deflectors (behind the nose, before the wheels) clip pretty much every speed hump i've ever driven over.  The sports suspension feels too soft to support such a low ride height and keep the car off the deck.


Great family car, masses of space, decent quality (if not quite VW levels) , but just the wrong engine and suspension package.


Final word?

Annoyed it gets my shoes wet when i open the boot after its been raining - no drainage channels!

They perfect engine ford mondeo tdci is the 2.0 the 1.8 is okay to

Thanks so much for the update, likely now to sway me more towards the 2.0 tdci (140), had read road tests that praised the 1.6 but yours is more a real world road test, which sounds so much more accurate.  Also of course a lot more 2.0 tdci models out there for sale

Sutton Stourmead

You are more than welcome...

you dont really know a car after you've lived with it, and I feel like i know this car pretty well now.


+ve's - and these are show winners...

Stick it on the motorway, engage cruise, and it's miles and miles of effortless, economical, quiet driving in a pleasant and comfortable cabin, and the stereo is pretty decent too...


take it to the airport and you can fit MASSES of luggage (6 cases of various sizes, no problems - although i still think they could have done the wheel arches a little less intrusively)


fit 5 adults with consummate ease... i'm 6' 2" and the passenger behind me still has luxurious amounts of legroom.


LOVE the quick-clear windscreen


the ride, even on the sports pack, is pretty nice, wiith a true solid feeling - lovely on the motorway.


feels very safe, plus plastic bodywork just wobbles back into shape to keep potential repair costs down - just kick the rear bumper to see what i mean.




However, take it round town though and you get top know it's quirks straight away..


-ve's - these are not deal breakers on their own, but combine to make you think twice about this exact version

it's WIDE (watch that passenger mirror - i'm on my 3rd now!)

it's got a MASSIVE turning circle

it gets your shoes wet when you open the boot

it scrapes over all the speedbumps at +10mph

rear bench maybe could be slightly wider for the moddle seat - this comes into play when putting three kids with car seats in the back.... ie you cant unless you have a bubble-bum or other 1/2 size seat for the middle seat child.


and finally a couple of more jokey points,

the phone keypad - useless due to the volume knob in the middle, but the bluetooth and steering controls are pretty good.

the voice recognition - hours of fun listening to it say 'not possible'

i think the whole layout of the driver control system needs a revamp though... for instance eco 'mode' , well its not really a mode per se, its just some flower petals telling you if you're driving too fast, and its accessed through the 'settings' folder... would be nice if the screen just reverted to this after say 30 seconds.


All of the below points apply to when you want to partake in some spirited driving ...

the standard 'eco' michelins have little grip

6th gear 50-70 is achingly slow

turbo lag, which opens the door on a couple of other quirks...

you end up tweaking your style and keeping the engine in its high rev power band - and then it becomes a wheel spin monster as the tyres lose the battle to drag its bulk off the line. remember this is the UK and roads are usually damp too. it maybe worth enquiring for a different model with wider tyres..

did i mention how wide it is? watch those width restrictions / car park entrances


Would i buy one again?


ouch - pro and con considered,

on size for when its just me, yes

on size when i'm out with the family, would SERIOUSLY have to look into a full size 7 seater as a valid alternative (not talking about a 7 seats but no boot car)

on quality, probably, depends, other brands have similar or better build quality and finishing, and better kudos with the neighbours.

on drive quality, yes

on servicing costs, yes

on driving 'hassle factor' when in town , no - its just not manouvreable enough

on economy - no, not this model.. i'd hire any car for a weekend and see how it copes with me. further test drives and research needed


so for me, when it comes up for lease renewal/termination/purchase some time in 2015, i think I'll be giving this one back to ford and considering my options.



Final point - this car is no longer on sale, you have to get the 1.6tdci econetic Zetec Business edition now which comes with Satellite Nav and a slightly nicer interior, so thats a few more + points to the argument.


Happy driving

Really good review there, thank you
The 1.6 isn't enough power to pull the mondeo weight they should axe it for mondeo I drive the 2.0 in Central London I find the manoeuvrebillaty is good honestly I think it's all down to the driving styles on that item
I have a 2.0 163 tit x business edition on order so it sounds like I've made the right choice engine wise
You have done that are you getting sat nav in it
Yes it's standard equipment in the business edition

When they revised the range to include the various 'Business editions', one of the changes was that there were a lot more of the cars on the narrower tyres, for fuel economy reasons (well, fuel economy relates to CO2 emissions, so you could equally say for CO2/tax reasons). So



All of the below points apply to when you want to partake in some spirited driving ...

the standard 'eco' michelins have little grip

6th gear 50-70 is achingly slow

turbo lag, which opens the door on a couple of other quirks...

you end up tweaking your style and keeping the engine in its high rev power band - and then it becomes a wheel spin monster as the tyres lose the battle to drag its bulk off the line. remember this is the UK and roads are usually damp too. it maybe worth enquiring for a different model with wider tyres..


'Eco' tyres do tend to be low on grip, particularly in the wet. That said, Michelins tend to be one of the better 'Eco' options (is that 'Michelin Primacy 3's, or something else?). I suspect that even the Michelins might be ok (not exciting or sporty, but ok) in a wider tyre size. Alternatively, a 'sportier' tyre (say a Conti SC5 or something) might be worthwhile, but obviously there is a price to pay in tyre life and fuel economy for having the softer rubber.


If you've got more rubber on the road, the trade-offs just pan out slightly differently.


I don't know about the gearing in the 1.6, but in the 2 litre 50 - 70 in sixth gear would be starting too low in the rev range. 1700 rpm, which is the slowest at which the engine pulls absolutely cleanly equates to about 58 mph in sixth and is about the lowest rpm at which you should change up. The 1.6 might have lower gearing, of course.

Sutton Stourmead

They are/were Primacy HP's


I took the opportunity to replace both fronts with Dunlop Blue Sports because i was so fed up ... the Dunlops are a really good match for this car, and got a great deal with ASDA tyres online... my previous octavia I always had Conti Premium Contact 2 so could easily tell the michelins were behind other tyres on the market for grip

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