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Full Version: Focus Tdci 1.8 Cutting Out
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Hi, I have a Ford Focus Titanium 1.8 TDCi 2007 It has about 70k on the clock. i have recently had it serviced just over a month ago.

In the past couple of days it has cut out twice and then would not restart for a good 10 minutes. All filters are basically brand new so cant be a problem with those. I was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me before i take it to a garage and fork out a fortune.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
[i]one of the main cause for cutting out is a cam or crank sensor starting to break down.[/i]
Ok thanks for that - Think i will have to get it plugged into a diagnostics machine this weekend. How much do you reckon either of those will be to replace?
Sounds like a fuel filter issue / fuel filter housing... sounds like too much air getting into the fuel mixture
That was my first thought - The fuel filters should be ok though as i have just had it serviced. I was thinking of putting some injector fluid in the tank to clean it up abit as well...
even recently serviced means nothing, if the housing hasnt been applied correctly, even the slightest of hairline cracks can cause this.

The fuel pressure inside the lines will draw more atmospheric air into the lines and onto the engine...
Ok, well my partner said something about the housing moving up and down which he doesnt think should happen... He is going to take a closer look tonight.
In that case I reaffirm my housing concern :P
Hi Guys, So found out that there may be water in the fuel system because i have been using a barrel to store diesel and then transferring it to my car. Seems to only be cutting out when it is near the red - Going to get a new fuel filter fitted and use some redex and see if that helps. One garage told me i would need to get the tank emptied but another said as long as i changed the fuel filter it should be ok. Any thoughts?
tank drain is a good place to start, it should help to drain out any water contamination but it could cost you a tank of fuel I would expect.

Start off with the filter, and look to the draining as a last resort...
Hmm,,, funny one this, I also store my fuel in a barrel, but never had any problems. If there is water in there, it can only be minimal, obviously if for some reason there is loads of water, I don't think its gonna be down to storing it in a sealed container. Awkward situation, as if there is alot of water, a filter change will not stop this coming through, and it will continue to haunt you, but its gonna be costly to have the tank drained if its going to be done propperly, as its difficult to FULLY drain any tank without removal. Good luck whichever route you take.
Hi guys. Ok so got filter changed. Primed it made sure the injectors had been bled so no air in system now car is even worse. Won't start and when it eventually does it just dies basically straight away. Any ideas

I just serviced my 1.8 TDCI today & until I got my mate to open the bleed valve above the fuel filter every time I tried to start up the car it would run for 1-2 seconds & then die. Opening the bleed valve, cranking it over & then closing the bleed valve once the air had escaped (only a second) sorted it.


Good luck


Hi Guys, thought i would let you know the car is eventually sorted. After much wasted time and stressing over nothing, turns out there is a small o ring inside the filter housing, and that was all disfigured and split so popped a new o ring on and a new filter and bobs ya uncle. Sorted! Thanks for the help :)


Glad you got it sorted :)

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