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Full Version: Does My Car Have Bluetooth?
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I have a ford focus GHIA 07, it has the voice button on the steering wheel, it has the sony generation 2 with a green and red phone button on it. It states in my hand book that it has blue tooth but states "refer to phone guide to turn on bluetooth within the vehicle" (I do not have the phone guide) I have looked through the menu on the stero alas I cannot find a bluetooth option. Does this mean I do not have it? When I press the red/ green phone button on the stero it just states "audio muted" when I press the voice button... it does nothing. Can anyone help as my local ford garage want to charge me a small fortune for someone to tell me how to bond the iphone to the car. Oh I meant to add that I have searched the bluetooth from my phone and cannot find any devices. Any advice would be welcomed??? as I am :wacko:
Generally if it just comes up with the mute message then the Bluetooth module isn't installed.

I'm sure someone with the full system fitted will be able to advise better.

You may find that the Bluetooth is fitted but needs resetting to work, tbh it sounds strange that you have the voice button without the module fitted.
Do you have the courtesy light panel with the microphone grille in it? If so it may be worth popping the courtesy light out of it's mounts and seeing if the Mic is there.
I know, its all a bit weird but I dont want to have to pay a small fortune to bond it. It might be a silly question but where can I find the light you refer to? There are many lights in the car, one above drivers head with its own switch underneath the sun visor. In the middle of driver and passanger there is a grill that looks like an air vent. With a light and two small red/orange lights that shine all the time. is it any of them?

Thank you for your help :-)
Where that small vent is, there should be a microphone behind there.
Thanks, I have looked and I have taken some pics of what looks to me like the mic on either side of the interior light? any more suggestions would be much appreciated? Thank you

Those are the sensors for the alarm system.
You should also have a switch by your drivers side door release lever that looks like the passenger side window control.
This switch disables the internal sensors If you were to leave the windows slightly open for ventilation when locked or leaving pets in the car when locked.
You should have this behind a small grille in the panel around that light with this behind it-

It will be behind a unit that looks similar to this- where the small grille is in the middle.
Ha oops :-) behind this vent? I dont think I would know how to take it off?

my focus has got bluetooth and all i did was turn the ignition on, go on my phone (iphone) settings, bluetooth menu, then Ford Audio appered click on that and you have enter a pairing pin and i think its 1111 or 0000 and then it should connect with your phone.
then on your phone ring someone and it will ring through the stereo!!
hope this helps
Hi there, thank you for the response, I cannot figure out how to turn on the Bluetooth on the stereo, I've gone through the menu on the stereo an cannot find bluetooth option or a BT option. According to the manual that's what you should be able to do in order to pair, unsure how else to turn in the Bluetooth which makes me doubt if it has it installed. ive tried it with ignition on and with it off.... I'm all out of options :-( ?????
i never turned on my bluetooth on my stereo and have never seen an option on there but i maybe wrong.. if your phone is not picking it up i would say u ant got it :(
Would a check on ETIS reveal if the car does have Bluetooth fitted

Extremely strange your car has a Voice button but appartenly not Bluetooth

I can tell you i have the same Sony system as you with the grren/red buttons but no voice ergo no Bluetooth ergo a press of red/green button shows up as Mute
As I said earlier, the Bluetooth may be fitted but either is busted or needs a reset.
An I right in saying that the module should be positioned under the centre console behind the lower side panels?

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