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Full Version: Newbie, Am I Just Hearing Things??
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Hi everyone,

As the title says, a lot of the time when I'm changing gear, generally the lower ones, I seem to hear and feel a little clunk noise...sometimes I can stop this, especially when going achingly slow on lifting the clutch but it can still happen, enough to make me wonder - is this normal for a focus? It's a 2012 tdci titanium econetic...
Hi Gareth,

is this only when you start to drive off? if so, its probably just the ABS self test.

If its later in the gears, it could be a faulty clutch...
Hey jeebowhite,
Thanks for the reply firstly.
Well having done my usual research first on what it might be I did wonder if this was the case but it doesn't seem to be, for starters it doesn't only happen when I've just started the engine up, which is what I believe the abs test does, is this right?
Sounds fairly normal to me. You should hear/feel my mum's 206 tdci when you change gear.

It will vary depending on how cold the clutch is, how well you match the revs between gears and how hard you hit the bite point of the clutch.
[quote name='alexp999' timestamp='1361905275' post='239148']
Sounds fairly normal to me. [b]You should hear/feel my mum's 206 tdci when you change gear.[/b]

It will vary depending on how cold the clutch is, how well you match the revs between gears and how hard you hit the bite point of the clutch.

I hope I never feel your mums Peugeot when I change gear... I dont think my insurance company would like me very much ;) :P

It could be clutch bump (thrust bearing perhaps) but I still wouldn't discount the bump being the ABS, the test typically occurs at the point of startup, however, if there is a duff reading, when you drop to 0 it may request a second self test (or third or fourth... so on)

does it feel it comes centrally, or one side or the other?
Cheers for the replies again. Right yeah see I was wondering if it's just a case of me having to get used to the sound of things, hence the title, having not had a diesel before etc..
Just seems like you can hear a lot of clanking and clunking around when choosing the gears and using the clutch as well as this particular clunk I'm chatting about.. but could easily be me gone a bit mental over fussing with my new baby, lol.
In answer to the last question though, centrally I think it comes from... Cheers G
Mine does exactly the same! I was worried it was just me/my dodgy gear changing :P

It's booked in for it's second year service next week and I've mentioned it for them to look at, can't hurt to have it looked at whilst it's still in warranty! Will let you know what they say.
Cheers jimrex, that's exactly what I've been thinking too, even been altering the way I change gears to see if it makes any difference, sometimes I think it does but then I'll hear something again, hence I think I'm just being overly sensitive about it all! Doesn't seem to affect the performance I don't think..
Hey jimrex, was wondering if when you put in for your service if they answered the question of clunk noises?

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