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Full Version: Brakes: Abs Warning Light, Grinding Noise
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My ABS warning light came on a couple days ago. Its still on. I haven't tested the ABS but today when I braked to stop on a downhill the car's dipped sharply and I heard a grinding noise and felt it through the pedal.

Any ideas?
Could the brake pads be worn out?

yes the pads are worn out... change them asap or you could have to replace the disks as well... do not drive it
Thanks Steve. Will have them seen to today.

Ok, the brake pads are fine (not even halfway worn). And the grinding/screeching noise happened on a bumpy uphill yesterday when no brakes were being applied. And the car feels like its floating around on its axles, and when you steer it takes a while to respond... what could this be???

I suggest you have the suspension/steering checked out before driving the car again. Something is definitely not right
Your drop links may have parted company or your front springs have snapped.

Thanks Stef and Bruce. Will have that looked at. Is it something I could replace myself?

Whatever has happened it sounds like its taken out the and sensor/wiring or reluctor ring.

A broken drop link is more a DIY job than a spring although both are straight forward enough with the correct tools.

Without inspection we are clutching at straws
Hi Stef,

Took it in and once up on the lift we spotted the right rear wheel was loose! Wheel bearing f'd. Replaced that and now all good. ABS light also off. Thanks for the feedback though, without this forum I may not have deemed it serious enough to have checked out this promptly and the wheel could have come off! And this forum would've had one less member. In essence Ford Owners Club saved my life.

Glad to hear you have found the problem, and pretty quickly. I did think your problem was on the front of the car, certainly not with a rear bearing - I guess that's where the Internet has its limitations.

Nice work

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