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Full Version: New Member Of Ford Fiesta
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Newbie here and not liking my Fiesta!!
Welcome and why arent you enjoying your fiesta? :)
Hi Daniel, I bought my Fiesta Ghia 1.4 06 reg 3 months ago and i dislike the road noise and have a squeak i can't pin point. Thought the squeak was parcel shelf but no. I'm going to investigate the back passenger door tomorrow... I had a broken suspension coil 2 weeks ago, ended up costing me just over £200.00! I could go on!!
have a look underneath the car at your exhaust or more specifically just above the exhaust and see if the metal foil heatshield has came loose. Either that or it could be a dry bush but the heatshield is a common source of a squeeky noise. Suspension coils on cars about that age are a common problem unfortunately after going through 7 british winters the cold eventually just makes them brittle. My front coil snapped just last month but mine was coverred by the warranty that i purchased when i bought the car so it didnt cost me a penny its just left me with a nice big scuff on my bodykit front bumper :( lol
Will take a look tomorrow.. thanks. I got both front coils replaced so IF i keep the car should be good for a few years hopefully! ouch poor bumper.. will it require a new one? and lucky you with the warranty :-)
Nah just needs a respray. I need to respray my front bonnet anyway as some lovely person kindly engraved 3 lovely deep scratches into it. Luckily ive got a mate who's a panel sprayer :). The heat shield can just be removed i took mine to the ford garage who said the bits that secure it to the car overtime just rust and snap so that the shield just ends up hanging loose. You can either just rip it off or get it replaced lol
some nasty people about. Mates rates nice one :-) Heat shield rip it off ha ha... i'd prob do more damage lol. The mpg in this car ain't great but i must say i drove an S reg 1.0 Corsa before the fiesta :-) lol
Ive got a 1.3 fiesta and I can get from Scotland to stoke on Trent on just under 3/4 of a tank which is about a 350mile trip or something lol so not too bad
i used to get from Leeds to Bridlington and more with £20.00 in Corsa but no way am i gonna do that in this!! Least i'll be able to get up the hills now :-) tunes on loud so i can't hear the annoying SQUEAK and ROAD NOISE though lol
welcome along Helen! shame that things are starting rough for you with the car, as far as road noise is concerned, you could always look to soundproof the doors a bit if it does drive you loopy.
Welcome to the Forum Helen.
Hope you can get a lid on those annoying noises.
Loud stereos help a lot ;)
Hello and welcome to the forum!

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