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Full Version: Mk4 Mondeo 1.8 Tdci - Squeaking Noise When Pulling Away In 1St
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I've just purchased a 58 plate 1.8 tdci mondeo. It drives fine but has an irritating squeak when pulling away in first gear which appears to come from the clutch area although the clutch itself makes no noise.

The other gear changes are smooth. Any ideas if this is something to be concerned about?

Jason 'Tweek' Batty
Maybe its the peddle?
Could be the clutch pedal spring, as Jason suggested.

If you sit in the car and just pump the clutch, does it squeak?
The clutch seems fine and no noise when you pump it.

I've noticed that if you rev it high enough when pulling away, there is no squeal / squeak. That doesn't seem natural though.
could be the clutch itself then, check the cluutch and brake fluid, make sure its not low, could be insufficient lubrication...
Thanks. If the lubricant levels were low would that not be noticeable with every gear change?
Yes and No, Yes because, well its a general limitation, however no, because as the clutch starts its operation, then its not warm, or got the juice flowing sufficiently, as it starts to do its work and starts to spin up, then the juice starts being spread and improves lubrication, thus reducing noise...

That is only my idea, I may be entirely wrong (could do with looking up more detail on clutch operation...) but I think its worth a quick look!
That does make sense. Thanks for your help!
OK so looked a bit further into it, and the link here shows you how the clutch works, I wonder if its the clutch pump that bows and pushes the plates apart is actually what is squeaking. Not sure where the clutch fluid lies in relation to this so dont know if its going to be the lack of fluid that is going to cause it


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