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Full Version: Advanced Mod Ideas
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Ok guys as some of you know I have added red interior bulbs changed the heater dials and am about to wire a second boot light and have 2 red led pads (to match interior) also a Cree q5 reverse light. I'm now looking for mods to take it one step further. A family member has suggested a back box (not sure on as I have a diesel) a remap (wr tuning told me I would need the ecu removed as its security protected is this the case), lowering of the car and some alloy wheels are on the cards for future as the titanium ones are well ugly to be as forum friendly as possible.

Thanks in advance guys and I look forward to seeing some of your ideas
Not exactly advanced but I'd definitely say wire in a second reverse light.

Lenny's got a great guide on it

It's simple, cheap ish compared to remaps etc and well worth it, especially if your fitting the cree reverse light

Is it only performance mods your on about or you want some visual mods also?

Oh and if your gonna get a remap, get a performance air filter too. green cotton for example
Yeah defo wiring in a second light and a bit of both tbh as I want a slight bit of oomph and a car that looks and sounds the part but being a diesel I think that could be hard to get a good tune from it
At least being a diesel you actually can remap it though. Mapping a petrol would be pointless

how about a reverse parking camera?

my most recent mod was me new black head lights. dunno if you've seen em?
ECU security protected? Cobblers mate, all remapping can be done via the OBD.
Security protected ecu lmao they will say anything for extra cash these days,
I've gotten mine remapped via OBD port well worth it,

Regarding exhaust,
For performance your best option is a free flow 2.5" pipe from DPF to tip,
3" is too big for perfect back pressure and 2" is not enough, gotta be 2.5"
Will take a few weeks for the dpf to free up and sound good, a green induction filter will help this too.

If your just fitting a back box section ensure you purchase a back box that is designed for diesel use not petrol,
Diesels do sound good but never raspy like petrol more of a V6 growl and grumble,

Painting the browe line on the headlights in a nice touch too or gloss black grills, fog surrounds,
Also colour coded rear view mirror,



Also what size of wheels are you after?
I'm selling my snow flake 16" wheels in May with 205/55/R16 Michelin primacey tyres two front tyres just been fitted in
January of this year, 400GbP including 70 delivery to the Uk, would be 330GBP if collecting in person,

Looks really good L, i like the 2nd pic - im interested in the wheels - could you weigh one for me?

Yes apparently some more recent motors have been made difficult to tune/ remap
[quote name='FOCA' timestamp='1361955902' post='239284']
Looks really good L, i like the 2nd pic - im interested in the wheels - could you weigh one for me?

Yes apparently some more recent motors have been made difficult to tune/ remap
Thanks foca,
Yes I'll weigh it on Saturday and let you know,
I plan to ship via GLS who base their price on size rather than weight
So probably be 70pounds or 80euro delivery.

But I'll get a weight on them for you and Pm it to you on Saturday,
[quote name='FOCA' timestamp='1361955902' post='239284']
im interested in the wheels - could you weigh one for me?

Ok mate,
Weighed a wheel and herevis the results.

Weight: 15.5Kg
Length: 63.5cm
Width: 63.5cm
Height: 22.6cm

That's allowing for some bubble wrap and tape around the wheel and face of the alloy too.
I've gotten a few quotes online to ship all four from ireland to uk ;
GLS is cheapest at 79.80euro
Works out at 66.95GBP for all 4 wheels at your door

Night Line were second at 80.00euro
Works out at 67.05GBP for all 4 wheels at your door

You can view the full list of Quotes from here:

The wheels are available from 05th April 2013
330.00 GBP exc. UK Delivery @ 66.95GBP via GLS

Total inc. Uk Delivery , 396.95 GBP

Sorry for going slightly off topic, wheels are a great enhancement though lol
18" sport pack alloys are nice if you can find a good price on them like i got a set of 4 for £360 and they look boss on the car like

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