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Ok, so i have just got my first ford (1.6 52 plate). Previously I had an astra diesel 2.0 DTI. A few questions I have (hoping someone can help?):
[*]White smoke/condensation - this seems like quite alot when running (alot more than my old diesel), it's a while since i've had a petrol car so wanted to ensure this isnt a head gasket on the way out. I've checked oil cap and water resovoir, no obvious signs there
[*]Rear Wiper isn't working - Checked the fuze box and everything seems fine... looks like a new wiper motor i think... opinions?
[*]Single wipe - When pressing down on the stalk, it is meant to do a single wipe then return... mine does it until i let go of the stick (ie parks middle of the wind shield). any known fixes for this?
[*]Quick Clear - I used the quick clear button today (wind sheild) and noticed it left long lines in placed, is it possible to repair using conductive paint or is it a new windscreen job?
[*]MPG - What are people gettting with this?
[*]Driver Side Mirror - It looks like this has been hit and knocked off the bodged by the new owner. It is held on with a cable tie! the electrics still work and the actualy mirror is fine but the plastics and heating element are broken. Easy way to fix?
[*]Code Reader - When using my old astra, i could use a tech2 or opcom reader to read fault codes - what is the focus alternative?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give :)
blooming hell thats a few issues well condensation it is very cold outside so that would be expected
the rear wiper will either be motor or broken wires between the body and boot youll see the rubber grommet as you open the boot
wiper front may be a relay
quick clear is a new windscreen job im afraid not cheap
mpg depending on driving 32mpg average or more
mirror simply gat a replacement from ebay cheaper and easier
Brilliant reply, short & sweet lol! any ideas on the code reader?

you can use that trick to display fault codes that the car registers, also there is an obd2 port drivers side under the light switch which you can use with a diagnostic code reader
sorry welcome to the forum got the kids everywhere at the moment so trying to do this inbetween all the other stuff
[quote name='artscot79' timestamp='1361976126' post='239363']
sorry welcome to the forum got the kids everywhere at the moment so trying to do this inbetween all the other stuff
Dont get me wrong, i wasn't criticising... i wanted the short and sweet answer lol

Last question - it turns out it is actually the ford focus st 170 that i bought, what is the mpg like? should i go premium on top-ups?
not sure on the mpg to be honest i would use shell optimax and its just proven that it does give you more mpg over cheaper fuels due to its clean burn design on test cars it gives minimum 5mpg extra it will also give you a bit more power as well

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