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Full Version: Focus Boot Release Problem!!!!
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hi all, new to this forum so be gentle!!! i have a 02 focus hatchback with boot release problem, i can open the boot with the key but cant either with the remote key or button near the clocks, any ideas on what the cause could be will be gratefully recieved, cheers
It's highly likely you've got a burnt out boot lock solenoid.
This happens when wires to the boot break or short out due to wear and tear.
The insulation on the wires gets hard and brittle then break taking the wire inside with them.
First off, start by getting the wiring in your hatch umbilical checked and then go from there.
Have you noticed any other problems in the third brake light, rear demister or wiper?, those tend to crop up as well (i had all of them and fixed them all pretty easily).
If the wiring is ok then i'd reckon you need to change the lock module.
It's more involved but i will give you a straightforward guide if and when you need it.
cheers Clive, i will have a good look at the wiring while the sun is out and take it from there, i will let you know!!!
Please do mate.
If ethe wiring looks ok then i'll talk you through the lock change procedure if needed.
I would recomend checking the plug to the actual boot release motor. The force of closing the boot can unplug the cable.
hi, thanks, i have looked at all the wiring which seems ok, checked the plug was in, still no joy, looks like i will have to buy a new/secondhand unit, clive will i be able to change the lock so i can use my key? cheers
Indeed you will.

First off buy this part-

It's the exact bit you need and will swap right over.
I'll do you a step by step guide to transferring lock barrels over within the next couple of days so your key will still work everything.

cheers Clive, i will either get one from ebay or go down to the scrappers!! i will let you know the outcome, fingers crossed!
No worries mate.

As promised, the guide to swapping over the lock units, hope this is of use to you.

Sorry so long in getting back, but the part took a while to come, anyway did the swap over today and thanks to your help it was a piece of cake!!! Cheers Clive :)
You're welcome.
As long as the guide I did was of use to you then I'm happy.

hi. i just managed to fix my button. simple really. 1) pop it out  2)undo the 2 catches that connect the entire piece (button part and chip-holding part(but be careful))  3) re-place (not replace) the rubber gromit thing as i found mine had simply moved out of connection 4) very carefully put back together ensuring everything lines up properly 5) test multiple times to make sure it works 100% 6) VERY carefully put back into dash.  Simple. My boot button now works.


Remember, if it breaks, always glue it, cable-tie it or tape it first; only THEN may you replace it.



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