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Full Version: White Smoke
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So - this is probably going to be one for repair under warranty... but I seem to be getting white smoke specifically on startup (will take the car for a run in an hour and see if its after engines warmed up as well)

from what I understand it can be many things, injector seals, needing replacement glow plugs, or compression in the cylinders...

Anyone got any other idea's?

I think it should be covered by the warranty, but I do need to take it for a run to confirm...
and water getting into your cylinders if it still does it when its warmed up. have you noticed any water lose?
cant say I have, I just took the car out for a run, started the car (its been sat in 5 degrees for 7 hours...) very light tint of white to the exhaust, and having just took it for a nice warm up run down the motorway and back, came back to clear exhaust...

Checked under the Oil cap and there's no mayonnaise substance so looks like it shouldn't be a gasket issue anyway...

At the moment, I am putting it down to condensation, but will need a reply to my next topic so I can check a few other things... I will check the water level later though!
is this the first time you noticed it? would of just thought cause its cold mate.
nah, noticed it a few times, more specifically in the mornings, but when I drove home the other night, I had a car behind me lighting it up as I put my foot down. Again, it was sub 5, so anticipate that is all it is, but given the car has warranty, I just want to check a few things and get it fixed if it was to turn out more than just cold!
oh right fair enough, probs worse in the morning because of condensation aswel, take it to the garage and see what they say.
Will keep an eye on it for now, and will do my own checks on the likes of the seals etc once I can get the engine cover off. At the moment, family means that I absolutely cannot be without the car for the next few weeks, so if I see a blatant problem I can get it looked at, but as it seems most likely to be condensation, I will have to work with it.
no obvious damage underneath the cover, just a bit of surface rust so don't think there is too much of an issue there. No evidence of escaped oil / fuel etc to indicate a leaking seal.
having managed to take the cover off and having a look around, I did see that there is a bit of surface rust on certain components, I think its the injectors?

I wonder if this points to any particular problem?

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