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Full Version: Installing Parking Sensors
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Hi Guys,

Just bought myself some window blinds :D however, as my depth perception is poor at the best of times, I think I best look at some sensors. These will be fit by myself, so I have two options:

1) JML Set - battery powered, and only two sensors, should be able to fit these easily enough
2) Cheapo set from ebay - 4 with LED and beepers

If I was to go for option 2, is anyone able to advise how I would be best placed to wire them in?

If the bumper removal is just the visible Torx screws / nuts, then I can give that a go, otherwise I will opt for drilling in situ.

Does anyone know how I would need to wire these into the lights, and what co lour I would need to wire these into on the loom?

Anyone done this who can offer advice?
shouldn't be too different from
Jeebo check with a torch see if the inside of the bumper has four circles , if it does then it will be very easy to fit them , i would go for option 2 and get the set of fours , and they wire straight to the reverse light.
I was looking at the guide, I suppose my main question (unless I blatantly missed it in Pree's guide) is where the equivelant would be in the CMAX, and which wire I need to tap into...
well had a look and theres no markings on the underside of the bumper to drill into, I am tempted to fit it to the black flat on the bottom of the nbumper if I do proceed.

Having been under the car for the first time since buying it, I finally saw the little bump in the bumper bar lol... bit bigger than it felt :P
well I have taken the boot plastics off and found this funny little connector joined onto a thick red cable... anyone got any ideas about what it may be?


OK so in the end I got my sensors fitted, took a few hours but that was because I separated it over several days...


so for anyone who wants to know, Orange and Green behind the left hand side boot trim panel is the wire I used...


I cut the wire with a pair of pliers, then stripped back about one inch either side of the cut to reveal the wires, and twisted them on themselves. I separated the same from both the live and earth wires on the sensor kit, and secured the earth in between the bolt head and the nut at the earth point, then wrapped the live around the twisted green / orange connector, then slid both ends into the crimp butt connector and squeezed in the middle and once at each end.


I bought a set of "heat shrink crimp butt connectors" which I tried to heat with a lighter, but could probably do with doing a proper job later, but for now its a good job.


I worked on a premise of putting the sensors A and D (outside edges) 6.5cm in from the outer edges, and then gave them about 40cm between the outside and inner sensors (there was about 36cm between the two inner sensors).


Pictures will be uploaded soon, but for a set for 16.50 off ebay, and the fact that I just plug the LCD receiver into a 12v output, and jobs a good 'un.


Good job Jeebo , i would not be without my parking sensors , they give a little peace of mind when the space is tight or the cars are cramed on a car park.

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