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Full Version: Injectors Cleaning?
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<_<  can anyone tell me if it is possible to take the injectors out and clean them yourself? cos i just been told that  1 possibly 2 of my injectors are poorly (rough idle) i was just wondering if you can do it yourself?


no, you will need to have it done by a specialist with the correct equipment.


The only way you could attempt it yourself is by using an injector cleaner you put in the fuel

Try BG244. Worked wonders for both mine and my mums diesel engines. Definitely worth a try as its only £20, and may save you the hassle and expense of getting them cleaned professionally :).
+1 for BG244.
You may also want to try wynns injector cleaner.

Wynns gets the vote from me, but go to the wynns website as they recommend a combination of 2 items.

I used the egr3 for the dry intake and diesel clean3 for the fuel addative. worked well on mine and also helped with the DPF filter cleanup too.

I have seen people do these themselves on Youtube using a battery, a pump and cleaning fluid, but to be honest its more hastle and there is a good chance you can damage the injectors. There are specialists that you can post your injectors off to and the will clean them for you using ultrasound or similar.

i just wondered,  i put a bottle of 'liquid molly diesel additive in yesterday and was told to run it around  and  see how it goes and i also put a tenners worth of vpower diesel in too! 


I've not heard of that, but I'm presuming its similar to BG244/Wynns. BG244 say to not expect results until after 200 miles or so, so perhaps get on the motorway and rack up some miles, and let it work? This way you'll get good MPG so it wont waste as much money and also the revs are nice and high to clear out any junk :).

I also presume the £10 of vpower was to top the tank up to full? If so, BG244 says to top up again at half a tank left, so you have some diluted stuff still left in the tank, so it works for longer. This probably wouldnt be a bad idea with yours either :).


Hopefully you'll see some improvement!

Keep us updated! :).


Take out a bank loan and fill up the tank with either shell v power or bp ultimum diesel and go for a long road trip untill empty.Your injectors and other fuel system parts will be cleaned like new...Well nearly... :ph34r:


:)  well ive had the car checked over, new glow plugs,fuel filter air filter oil and filter and we now think its defo 1 of the injectors, the molly treatment seemed to have helped a bit i think im gonna try some bg244 but has any1 tried ' BG248 Pro Diesel Injector Cleaner & Cetane Booster' or is it the same as BG244, 

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