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Full Version: Could Someone Explain...led Light....
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sorry guys i know i keep posting questions up on here, i must be the worst newbie modder in the world and i havnt even modded that much.

i purchased these


one for the boot interior light, this works fine! and one for the interior curtosy light.

ive spent about 2 hours playing around with the later. eventually i got it all sorted out(after bending the pins back) only to find out that after the door has been shut, the light goes out but on further inspection the led is stil "on" just barely visable. this doesnt happen in the boot led.

so i guess my quest goes on for an interior curtosy light that actually turns offf when it should.


is the led just to powerfull for the light?


anyhelp would be super. 

ive just reverted back to the original bulb now and that DOES go out. 


LEDs need a lot less power to illuminate. What you're experiencing is perfectly natural as the LED will still light off the residual current in the circuit. In the normal instance, this isn't enough to light the standard bulb so you don't notice it.


What courtesy light have you got by the way that takes the 501 bulb?


PS We were all newbies once and we're always learning so don't worry about posting the questions, that's the point of the forum after all! ;)


What courtesy light have you got by the way that takes the 501 bulb?

Just the standard bulb on the 2010 focus zetec. It fits and lights up but doesn't switch off completely when I set it to the middle setting that turns it off and on when the doors are open/ closed.
By Curtosy light I mean interior light if that's correct.

Yeah, the interior light. I just thought they all took a festoon style bulb rather than a 501 wedge type bulb.


As I said though, the dim lighting is normal so nothing to worry about. Have you footwell lights installed, or glovebox light or vanity lights (behind sun visors)? By having a standard bulb in one of these fittings it might be enough to draw the current away from your overhead interior light LED if it really bothers you not going out completely.


nope no footwell lights, although i would like to put some in but again not sure how?!

there is a gloveboxlight, no vanity lights.

agh i see what you mean about it possibly drawing away the current.

They LED did look really bright and sharp but i guess i will just leave it as it is.

thanks for the help.


so i will be ok with the new led light in there ? it wont drain the battery?


To prevent the LED afterglow fit one of these:

I will order one of these. Will it definitely work?

I will order one of these. Will it definitely work?


Yes it should work , or you could just add a low rate resister before the lights if your warried , as explained above as Leds take far less power then it just burns up the power left in the wiring before it eventually goes off , it would not still be drawing power so no battery loss will come from them if you leave them as they are.

They do work ive got one in my central interior light came in the box with it and no after glow which for me was just an annoyance as neds at my work when it was dark were checking the doors thinking they were open i did however remove it and revert to a normal bulb as they got very hot and theres not many non plastic parts to attatch it to
Great help cheers all.

This does work. I have one fitted to my front courtesy light. With regard to what Artscot79 said about the resistor getting hot , it does, but i managed to get the resistor part outside the light unit so that it was between the roof and headlining. Been fitted nearly 2 years now and i've had no problems at all.

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