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Full Version: Updated Pics !!!
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Ok, so thought I'd pop a few pics of the car up as i've not done for a while, Still nothing drastic has changed, just small bits that alter the standard view of the car.


Ok first off, one of the new radio (well new a few months back) the screen isn't broke, its just in reverse so the camera is on. Also carbon'd pretty much everything round this area, and fitted the garage door. 


Next my mirrors, I've wrapped them in carbon,,,


And finally full shot showing the Heko wind deflectors, and my newly fitted (yesterday) DRL's



What you guys think ???


Looks great , nice effect on the trim and the mirrors look top notch , DRL's look very good as well.


Liking it mate the new head unit n the carbon wrapping is looking good


I really need to get round to carbon dipping all my parts


Thanks guys,,,, I don't like the fitting kit around the radio, so im gonna change that for the one piece unit off ebay soon, then wrap that, so not as many connecting pieces round the headunit.


Looks good mate.Where do you get the carbon wrap from?Is it just carbon print on vinyl.


Yes mate its Carbon look vinyl, but its '3M Bubble free stuff' slightly patterned on the rear, its meant to help prevent bubbles on application. But the front is textured so you can' feel' the carbon if you like, so not just a print on plain vinyl. Got it off ebay, just type in 3M bubble free carbon wrap, loads of sellers.

The drls look interesting i planned the same thing but wasnt sure what would fit or not what did you use in the end was it easy to wire up

that looks!


looking good Mike, keep it up


Thanks guys,,,, Artscot, had to think long and hard about what I wanted to do with the DRL's, as you know I wanted them in the headlight, but decided against as too big of a job and if something went wrong it would be a nightmare to get them out again. Ive seen a few sets on focus's, but they have always been in places I didn't like the look of. Took a risk and ordered these which are a flexable strip, also you can trim them down every 3 led's if needed ( I didn't ) , but it did take some modding, a hole drilling and a sort of support making for the spotlight surround. The strip will fit nicely into the top groove of the spotlight housing, but if you look where mine are, once you get towards the spotlight you have nothing to stick it too, hence the reason for the makeshift support. As far as the wiring goes, i've cheated for now, and just wired them directly to the sidelights this was  very easy, just discreetly spliced into the wiring that goes into the headlight, and we had power. I do intend to fit the correct auto switch at some point, but for now they'll have to do lol. Job looks very neat on close inspection, and when they are off, if you didn't know they were there, you'd struggle to spot them.

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