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Full Version: Handbrake Issues
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My focus has rear discs, and just recently the handbrake has started to stick on, seems more prevalent to the n/s, and the o/s caliper was replaced around 8 months ago. Car seems to drag until its released and shoots forward. Also on occ the lever pulls all the way to the top with little effort, and there is no feel to it. I did wonder if it was general salt and gunge on the calipers, and i have sprayed the levers with wd40 and also jetwashed the car, particularly the rear wheels. Does anyone think thr cable may be at fault, or do the calipers just need a good clean and lube.. if so where should i lubricate for best effect?

I would check the calipers , but you may need a new cable as once they start to stick no ammount of wd40 will help , try removing the cable and see how free the calipers are , at the same time you can test how free running the cable is.

I find even on the drums it happens i put the handbrake off and if you go under the car being carefull under tge rear look towards the middle of the tyre youll see where the cable is routed use a good spray grease on these areas wd40 will work but eventually wash off then work the handbrake up and down half a dozen times that tends to sort it i redo this every 6 months

At the risk of stating the obvious, make sure that the WD40 doesn't drift onto the discs!

An old newspaper strategically placed will sort that but good point i prefer soray grease wd40 lasts a month if youre lucky the cable runs through a metal clip eventually gunk and crud gets in thete and water so the hanbrake releases one side as you move off its enough to unstick the other side my mk1 did it my mk2 did it as well if that fails as pree said have the caliper checked out
Cheers guys. The car itself was literally caked in road salt and gunk. After having it washed it seems better. Will get some spray grease tomorrow, and give it a liberal dowsing on those points you mentioned

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