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Full Version: Silly Driving - What Would You Do?
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ok so heres the deal, I left this one little while before posting it as I was hoping to find out how the innnocet parties where. before we proceed this IS NOT a thread to deviate into calling the driver all the names under the sun, it is more a thread to see what you would do to prevent it.

Take a look here:




basically a guy drove at 110mph around the industrial estate, not far around the corner from me and parked his ST220 in a shop window.
Thankfully everyone got out alive'

Two passengers, one suffering painful whiplash , the other Collapsed lung, broken ribs, severe whiplash and bruising!

Thankfully they all got out alive and the driver is up for dangerous driving.

Question is, what would you do to prevent it?

I personally would strike a deal with local racetracks, would love to see them offer a cheap membership so that locals can go with their motors and have a good evening, plus membership that includes the use of a drag strip or the track itself. track prices are cheap for one day but regulars couldn`t afford it...

So again, this isnt here to turn into another raging about the driver thread! please stick with only how you would resolve it. Remember the forum rules...


In America they hold race meets between local Cops and local Car Affectionados (watch Top Gear from a couple of weeks back to see what i mean).

One of the Services from the UK did take to turning up at car meets with a badged up Lotus (i believe) and got some good relations going.

Just because i'm a 'peeler' doesn't mean i don't enjoy a tidy car and a good turn of speed but as long as the exuberance is kept where it belongs (private land / track days) then everyone is a lot happier in my view.


I agree some sort of cheap membership is the way to go. But I don't think that they should be let loose on the track on their own. That's just asking for trouble. On a drag strip, there shouldn't be that many problems, but add corners into the mix and there'd be too many crashes. I go Go Karting quite seriously, and there's nothing more annoying that driving a whole session under red or yellow flags because as soon as the green flags come out, some idiot puts it in a barrier. I've had sessions where every single lap was under yellows at some point. You also get people playing "bumper cars".


As well as being incredibly annoying, it's massively expensive to repair.

Not saying this would happen in cars, but it's just my experience.


I saw that one 'beat the meat' lol well done Jezza, and his gentlemen s sausage in the storm drain...


I think our local force will just put their foot down, unfortunately I see it becoming zero tolerance on meets at this rate, but this guy came from the london area's to partake, its a shame that there isnt something more suitable in place


I dunno if it would do much good to be honest. I agree that it's a good idea, and I'm sure the majority of people would love to avail of it. However, I think the party in question here aren't part of the majority.


In my opinion, looking at the facts here and probably being extremely prejudicial (but it's hard not to be), a 20yr old male in a performance car with two girls in with him at 8.30pm on a Friday evening...he's not getting his buzz from doing a fast time round the industrial estate, he's getting it from showing off and doing something he shouldn't. I think if a track was open next door and was free admission, you'd still get certain people looning about and going beyond their capabilities.


Clive, it seems from the linked report that the local plod made an attempt to build some sort of rapport with the crowd recently, but it doesn't seem to have worked.


Maybe let them take their pride and joy motors to a stock-car track... that way they can cut straight to the chase of ending up on their roof without putting the lives and livelihoods of others at risk. Do you think many of them would take up that offer?! Or maybe let the local shopowners take a sledge to them and use manpower to write off their vehicles, rather than their shop-fronts.


I think the air of invincibility they carry is only lost, if at all, once they're found out, like this ST200 driver. I'd hope he wouldn't be doing it again in a hurry, but wouldn't be at all surprised if he were. And think of the insurance claims for the passengers, let alone the bill to repair the shop!


I know you're more looking for 'alternative solutions' with this thread, so I'll leave it at that as I think I've completely missed the point, haha!


Sorry if this is a bit rant-ish , I do think it's a good idea on the track membership, but maybe a bit too idealistic to prevent these situations from happening. As I said, some people are beyond reason and nothing could be set up to account for them.

It's a good idea but it's not going to stop an idiot from being an idiot lol. There should be more tracks about though or maybe monitered placues for car meets. I think it would help if there was designated places for people to meet where they aren't going to be a nuisance to local residents/businesses. Maybe run a cheap membership scene so that it's know who's using the facility etc and number plate recognition cameras so anyone being a drafty can be identified.

Its an interesting scenario, as a member of a facebook group where this was discussed, the passengers where anything but pleased with him as he started to speed. They did repeat on many occasions (in their words) to stop, unfortunately they were in the wrong company at the wrong time. he does appear to have been showing off, but that is unfortunately the crowd that our local area can entice. Some go for the pleasure of admiring cars, others not so much.


I think its unfortunate that the only answer in this instance is the likes of speed bumps to deter the behaviour, but of course, this will most likely push it to another area.


I know some (lakeside, bluewater) etc are patrolled by the local police and this does help to build a rapport.


I think the use of local tracks is certainly one of the only answers to allow some folks to go as fast as they want, and certainly more safely than it permits at this time. But who would invest in it? Maybe local tracks would take advantage of the idea, and give it a go, but I dont think they are under any obligation whatsoever to reach out to this particular generation of street sport motoring.


Other than America, I wonder if any other countries do this sort of thing (other than the Americans)


It's a good idea but it's not going to stop an idiot from being an idiot lol.


That is so true, and unfortunately it's these idiots that spoil it for the many, where i live in Rotherham there are a few of the younger crowd that meet to show off thier cars, and some of them are real beauties too.


I'd say that a good 95% of them are well behaved and take pride in the adaptations and additions they've made to their cars, and treat it more like a social club.


Don't get me wrong theres a fair number of big bore exhausts that can be heard as they leave for the night, or go for a quick spin round the block, but on the whole they're well behaved.


It's the other 5% that seem to leave thier brain at home when they get behind the wheel, and not just the younger end either, old farts that fail to look when pulling out of junctions are more common than people realise, women with screaming kids as a distraction that don't know which lane they want so swerve from lane to lane oblivious of other road users, and don't get me started on taxi drivers, the list goes on and on.


It's these types that deserve everything the law can throw at them, to keep our roads safer.


Anyway enough of my rant, hope you all have a pleasant day


Yes, it may not matter what you do, there may be those that do things like that  

There's little you can do, I love track days, and rarely do anything silly on the road!
However little Scrotes in their saxos and corsas will still race round car parks and industrial estates...

Sadly most people will learn the hard way!

Every town has more than one of these they could point to, although this is pretty extreme. I don't think it matters what anyone does it sounds like it was an accident (sorry) waiting to happen, bad mixture of a young male driver, girls, and a fast car. That's why insurance is so high for these guys.

Kuga X

Education is the only way but how you'd enforce it don't know testosterone and peer pressure  has a lot to answer for.

I know when I  was younger I was an idiot and it took me  a few accidents (luckily no injuries apart from my pride ) and accruing 9 points on my licence before I realised it was stupid and dangerous I then discovered drag racing and kept my racing to the track  Still stupid and dangerous but where when it goes wrong at least the emergency services are already there.

limiting power or engine size would make little difference IMHO as the type of person usually responsible for the style of driving here would probably drive uninsured, checkable Black boxes in all cars and checked by authorities would work with disqualifications for bad driving but this would probably be against Human Rights  :(

I agree black boxes etc.. But no matter what's introduced someone will find a way round it..

Driverless cars is probably the only thing that will reduce this.. I say reduce, we've all seen iRobot lol

I have to ask was this the guys own car and was he insured for it etc?


The other thing is there was a crackdown on street racing (it was on the tv news) men were driving/ racing high powered cars, in certain areas of cities, instead of the expected age groups of 20-ish, many of these chaps were 30-40 year old, and probably relatively experienced drivers  


If insurance etc goes up and up, it just forces (young?) drivers to run illegally, because they are uninsured, they are more likely to take risks or flee when they get pulled, putting themselves, their passangers, other road users, pedestrians, (and shop fronts) at risk, also, if they are uninsured they may as well have powerful and/or heavily modified cars


There is all sorts of things that can (and have already been) done, there is the existing system (what happens to the chap that crashed the ST 220/ 200 now?- he will get points, a fine etc, mabee a custodial sentence, if not this time the next time. thats a preventative measure, already in place)  


You could restrict cars to 60/ 70mph electronically, in Japan the cars are electronically limeted to 116mph, in Germany its 155mph, busses and lorries are electronically limited in the UK 


make the test tougher, and the penalties for speeding/ driving without insurance etc tougher (already been done, i think)  




How about rasing the speed limit to 100mph or more, but only to those with a special licence, that have passed a test with skid pan/ car control tuition/ tests, night- time driving, high-speed driving etc, and who have been driving for at least 3 years etc? this licence would be coveted


Skid pan training/ testing is manditory in some Skandinavian countries, and the test is tough, you don't see everyone sliding off the road when it snows there (though you have to fit winter tyres/ as in other parts of Europe ) - controlling a car on snow, in the wet or on the dry is just the same, with the same skills, but at different speeds IMO (If you can handle a car at 150mph on a track, you can handle it at 80 in the wet, or 15mph in the snow, 5mph on ice etc) 


There are speed bumps outside my house, and a 20, limit, don't ask me how, but i know these same type of  bumps can be taken at 70mph (in the right car)- they stick traffic lites everywhere in our town, to slow cars down and expect everyone to take the bus or train (yes really!) - typical knee-jerk reaction


Apologies for the rant      


I think he was insured, in the reports, he is only being taken to court for dangerous driving, so I suppose that is one positive thing (it could have been a whole lot worse).


I think managing a multilevel driving license would be difficult, the police would need to update ANPR systems and a new database to identify who holds this extended license, but I like the idea! I just dont think that would be taken on board.


as most have said, its most the population who do behave in a road appropriate manner, unfortunately some get carried away.


I personally think that if your vehicle is modified above level X, then perhaps a black box should be a mandatory term of vehicle ownership, and Level X should vary dependent on Age, Experience, Qualifications and modifications (sliding scale)?


There's stuff all you can do, put them on a track and they'll still go out and be idiots.


Im local to this, i went past the aftermath yesterday even. This is the usual story of the minority ruining it for the majority.


The bloke who crashed the mondeo - '****' - Thats all you can say. He has even been kicked out of car clubs before because of his behaviour. I think its interesting that he isnt a young driver (<25) Quoted figures by people at the scene and the supposed bragging of the driver were 110mph+


Personally i have seen the come and go of a few 'cruise' scenes in Medway, like Laker road, (speed bumps stopped this) Lockmeadow, etc and i think this one will just go the same way. Its gonna die out or be forced.


Regarding the trackdays - Lydden hill has open trackdays ALL the time. Brands has all sorts of days on (lots of ford orientated trackdays but not as cheap as lydden). I dont see it as as solution though, most of the people meet up to socialise and look at cars.


In the short term i think Kent police would be doing themselves a favour if every weekend they had a PCSO/PC team of two who attended and got to know everyone and took a zero tolerance policy on racing/drifting. Instantly reporting/photographing the cars in question. (i have had my photo taken by them before with a warning of my car being crushed so it can be done) Much like the riot police at football matches video the crowds to and from the ground loking for troublemakers.


Once my car is back on the road i will be going down there more often but ill stick to being parked up chatting.


Its a sad state of affairs really, as has been said by many, only takes the minority to ruin the majority,


Good idea about Kent Police, but I think they already did that recently, its unfortunate that (as some of the guys here know all too well!) the Police just dont have the budget to stretch that far.


Hopefully his impending punishment may actually be enough to change some of the minority's foolish ways, although it will never affect all.

There is a time and a place for everything.
I believe the statistics are that 90% of traffic offences are committed by 15% of road users, and of that 15% the majority are under 25 and only been driving for an average of 18 months or less.
(at least in the south west anyway).
A lot of 'exuberant' driving is down to lack of experience, showing off and peer pressure.
Proper education and robust but even handed policing do work but you will still find some that will resist and ignore good advice purely because they are too stubborn to consider other road users that are not interested in racing everywhere.
When off duty I often come across young drivers that try to entice other drivers into road races and then zoom off making dangerous high speed direction changes.
I believe that all drivers caught driving like loons should be shown photos of fatal accident scenes where youthful high spirits were considered a major factor.

Bring in euthanasia for the stupid and idiotic.

But what would we do without a government? :d

Probably go on daily road trips because there wouldn't be like 80p a litre in tax :P

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