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Full Version: Glovebox
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Alec J

Hi guys,


Me again haha


My glovebox has the vent at the back which blows in air..


Whats the purpose/use of this? How do you switch it on and off?

Does it warm and cool?


Does it actually work or just a gimic?






Its meant to be for Aircon cooling so your choco bars don't melt, it rotates to turn on/off, never used it :)


its handy if you use your glovebox as a food storage area, but for the most part, off is the best place for it...

Gaz RS

The cooling duct on mine is at the right hand side behind a cover that can be rotated to turn it off, the one at the back is just a vent


I know if you remove the glove box , it's a real pain to clip it back in lol , you need pliers in the center to pull it.


On my Mk3 Tianium X it does not have the cooled glove box :o  , it's an extra , how crazy it that.

Alec J

Just looked and found the vent with the on and off rotator..


Will give it a try in the summer to see if it will actually keep my drinks cooler aha


Yeah I had the glovebox out because it wasn't fitted properly.  Preee is right.... the cooling duct is a pain in the ass.


It blows cold air regardless of air con btw, but I assume (or would like to assume) in the summer air con on will cool it further.

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