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Full Version: Ford Mondeo Denso Touchscreen Satnav
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Hello, new here, have just bought a 56 plate 2.2 tdci ghia x with the denso colour touchscreen satnav, the previous owner said he never had a disc for it & there is no instruction manual either!


Also have no idea if the unit needs or has a 'radio' code.


Any help much appreciated.









It will require a radio code , as far as the disc , take a picture of it , i'm sure the disc is behind the main volume control.


Bottom of my sig is a manual download for the Satnav units in PDF


Is the DVD drive for the maps not in the boot? Pretty sure you'll need some sort of code if you're disconnecting it.


Have no first hand experience of the Denso myself, but think there's loads of info on and if you don't get much luck on here.


By the way, I think the Jaguar maps disk is the same and might be cheaper from memory, but not 100% sure on that.


Thanks for the help so far, Paul unless i'm being thick i can't get to the pdf, i clicked on something near bottom & it opened a tab on




The DVD for my Denso Sat Nav is in a little drop down space above the glove box roof. Might be different on a Mondeo to a Focus granted.


You can get the discs from ebay (not 100% legit though) for £15>£25


Quick update, managed to find a link on TF that allowed me to print off a version of the handbook,the satnav doesn't seem to want to recognise where it is but recognises destinations.


Thanks for your help.




Found a manual online, located disc in the panel next to the cd changer which has 2005 - 2006 stamped on it so will go to a certain online auction site for an update disc.

Tried satnav again today & it realised where i was starting my journey!


Thanks for all advice so far.


Id be well chuffed to find its working. Nice one :)

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