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Full Version: Accident Advise Please :(
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So on me way to work this evening and some woman and her meganne decide to not look where they were going and so caused this damage to me

Now i am fully comp but because im only 21 my premium is still pretty high so id rather get it done at a body shop and pay myself if the quote isnt rediculas but since its my forst accident i dont know what to do because if i claim were both going to be contesting to whos fault it is which will raise our pemiums so any help or advise os greatley apprecieted
Tbh I'd say that's about £500 of damage at least.
Wing and bumper if replaced are best sourced second hand, far cheaper than new
Spraying is a couple of hundred unless you get a good colour match on spares.
If its under a grand il pay for it meself like but anything over am gunna go threw insurance might eing them later on an see what they like cheers

I had similar damage once when a lorry decided to cut me up after only a months ownership


My damage was actually even worse as you can see




As Clive says talking at least 500quids worth if you go via insurance company cause they'll use new parts n then they'll need to be sprayed


Where as if you fix it n source used parts yourself from breakers you'll do it for a fraction of the price



For example, I picked up a used bumper for 40quid locally and a used wing panel for 60quid delivered, both ready in the right colour.


Fitted the parts myself so it only cost me 100quid all in. Oh and 15quid for a new alloy centre cap. Still a lot lot less than if I'd of went through the insurance company.



I mean if your any good with a spray can you could patch that up yourself.


By the way, really sorry to hear of your misfortune.


Nothing more annoying when you receive damage to your pride n joy n you have to fork out the expense yourself, especially when it was cause by someone else's lack of concentration not looking where they are going

Thats it mate bit i cant be bothered to go via yhe insurance coz all theyll do is bump my premium up and favour for her and say i was at fault so id rather pay meself and not have a claim agaisnt me or for me hers is only in need of a bit of paint aswell :@ !!!!!
Kuga X

do you have legal cover on your policy? they would be able to recover your losses,the legal dept can often help you with recovering losses / proving fault of other party,


you'll still need to let your insurance company know (if she makes a claim against you and you've not told your insurance company they may pay out and assume you were at fault some companies don't even call or contact you to advise a claim has been made on your insurance until renewal when it will be too late to do anything about it) tell them that you are not responsible and Not to settle anything without your permission if you have comp cover and you/they can prove non fault it would not affect any NCB that you've earned also if your NCD is protected which at your age i'm guessing probably not it would just take 1 life line from your record..did you have any witnesses? are there any CCTV cameras that could have recorded the bump?..

sorry to hear about your bump and hope it all turns out right for you


Cheers mate im gunna contact them soon but as for witnesses noone stopped so if i go thru the insurance ill be enquiring about cctv like

Did she admit fault?  If so...


If you ring your insurer and tell them you'll deal with it yourself (you have to ring them, but not yet open a claim etc).


Then talk to her insurers directly and go through them.  That way you don't claim on your own insurance, and won't have to tick the 'Have you ever made a claim whether at fault or not' box next year.

Its all sorted now thanks for all your help peeps bodyshop quoted me £160 and its a reputible shop my uncle has a stake in a car dealership and his buissness pattner used to work with this guy so will upload pics of the end result.

That's a lucky enough result then mate.

As mentioned above though, it might still be worth mentioning to your insurance just to let them know.


My brother went into the back of a van a few years ago, minor bump really as the van braked hard for someone stepping out on to the road and my brother braked as well and just hit him and no more. They got out and had a look around and the guy in the van said no harm done and he'd be happy to leave it at that (it was a well weathered Berlingo which already had it's fair share of bumps and bruises).


Few months later my bro's renewal quote came through of £1900 or something ridiculous, he queried it and only then did his company inform him that the guy claimed about £8000 off him...claimed for two new back doors and bumper, loss of earnings, personal injury etc....scumbag. Knowing my brother I assumed this was a case of him not reading small print somewhere, or not opening a letter or something of his fault, but as Eamonn says, they can just go ahead with processing a claim against you without you even knowing.


Was in a non-fault bump myself recently (well 5months ago but only getting sorted now), car behind me was hit and shunted into me so I just needed a new rear bumper. Happened the day before my premium was due but was obligated under a duty of care of sorts to inform my insurance. My renewal premium was then scrapped and more than doubled until the incident was settled as non-fault and my full NCD reinstated, which was just two weeks ago. She accepted full liability though so my claim went through her insurance, not mine, which is why it took so long as they were a nightmare to deal with.


Some insurance companies will consider even non-fault accidents when calculating your premium, but luckily for me in this instance the company who were giving the best price didn't consider it so I'm being refunded the difference between what I paid and my initial renewal premium quote.

Yer i was made aware of that happening by someone so i told my insurance that im repairing it myslef not through them but if yhe woman tries to claim off me notify me immedietly because shes not blaming me for her fault but 160 is a lot cheaper than paying a 1200 excess and losing a ncd :|
Oh yeah, always report to your insurance company.
Definitely cover your butt.
Well thats it i just said to them like bla bla been in an accident but il be getting it repaired meself an they were sound about it like so hopefully by next thursday me baby will be back in tip top condition :)

Good to hear bud. Hard to swallow paying out on somethin not your fault but as they say, always could have been worse.


Keep us posted sure on the repairs.

So car went in this morning to be fixed should hopefully have it back by thursday wen ill post some pics :)
Well £160 lighter and 1 week later heres me baby all filixed abd nice again :)
Very nice job indeed and reasonably gentle on the wallet too.
The company that did your work deserves a mention I think.
Indeed they do :)

Very good and reasonably priced deffo got a loyal customer for future work from me.
Good as new mate beautiful job n great price for work carried out
Cheers mate yer he was spot on coz whilst in there i had a little crack in rear bumper from wen id bought ot and even that is like new gunna get a quote off them about gettin me alloys refurbed to get rid of a bit of curbing like but very nice cheap job :)

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