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Full Version: Cam Belt Advice - 99 Focus Estate
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Hi all


I'm looking for a bit of advice about my cam belt. I bought the car used with a mileage of 110,000, it had little in the way of paperwork, only the last 6 years of MOT certificates (which all passed with no advisories), sadly no service history.


I've been doing a bit of maintenance on it today and had a look at the cam belt, it's not frayed and doesn't appear worn at all but there are some very tiny hairline splits where it curves around the pulleys, there are no other signs of wear or fraying though, after asking a few people I've heard mixed opinions, some say get it done immediately, others say it's not in too bad a shape and I could put it off a bit longer. Finances as always are an issue (with the whopping £220 tax due for renewal this month!) for most of us so I am looking to do it myself, I've got access to a workshop and tools.


I have taken a high-res picture here:


Maybe some of you with more experience can advise if it looks serious enough to require immediate replacement or if it could wait another month, I realise the risks involved with it if it were to snap but at the moment I'm really struggling to afford it this month.


If it requires a replacement, is it a straight forward swap? I know the tensioner will need replacing too. I've never done a cam belt myself before but as the car only cost me £500 and the belt is £30 it seems silly to pay a garage over £200 to do it for me.


Any advice is always appreciated :)

The belt should be replaced even for hairline cracks the belts old its not the belt that goes on these its the tensioner given the fact it should be done 60k petrol 80k diesel its well overdue ignore the ford 100k or more but its also way over the 10 years honest opinion i wouldnt even drive it till a new timing belt kit and fan belts been done

To do it youreself youlk need the timing lock tool trolley jack and various tools youll be pushing it to drive it another month yes its 220 to have it done thats still less than what you paid and the ridiculous amount it would cost if it snaps

A belt kit wont be £30 for a gates timing belt and tensioner and replacement cam and tensioner bolts

If it snaps youll be spending another £500 or so to fix it so do the maths anyone who advises it will last doesnt know what theyre talking about

New belt kit ordered and fitting it later tonight, £75 for the belt and tensioner with free fitting from a garage (family friend hence it being free).


sounds a good deal you got there!

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