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Full Version: What To Do Next?
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Hello all, I have a 09 plate Fiesta 1.6 TDCi.
Starting too do a few mods on her atm, starting with 50mm lowering springs all round (ordered) and a pair of Team Heko wind deflectors (also ordered). Just asking for some advice on what you all think could be my next mod really..? :)

Hello - welcome to the forum!


A remap / bluefin or digital tuning box - probably makes the biggest difference "bang for buck"


Fitting an EGR blanking plate can be benificial, there is a lot of info on this on the site   


There is quite a lot you can do, either cosmetic or power enhancing etc, if your car has a DPF you can even get it phisically removed, electronically deleted, a stainless steel exhaust fitted and a "custom" remap done at once from the same place, members have done all sorts of modifications to their cars, ofton on their "signatures", worth having a look round 

Are the bluefins any good mate? Don't know much about them...?

After using a tuning box for years (high end digital DTUK) I decided to switch to a Bluefin in the search for more power (and out of curiosity - to see if it made any difference)


The tuning box was adjustable (an earlier  single-map one, some of the later ones had multiple maps) and had a custom remote adjustment fitted - the car was tested for 0-60/ midrange etc and the box adjusted for maximum acceleration (along with the adjustable digital boost controller)


The car has many other (performance) mods - too many to list


When the bluefin was 1st fitted, the top end power/ revs were better, but the bottom end was not as good/ strong, Superchips were very  helpful, and after an interim map, the 3rd map has almost the same bottom end power as the tuning box but better top end power / revs


Im hoing to get a dyno / rolling road done soon, i have a limited amount of runs but may compare the different setups (Bluefin/ tuning box etc)


Superchips were doing a 20% discount so the £399 turbo Blufins were about £320, i know you can get remaps frome elsewhere for less than that but i recommend superchips/ Blufin,


Typical power improvements for a stock turbo-diesel are around 30Hp and the MPG is often improved too, the handset also works as a code reader, (and immobiliser!) and the map can be swapped back for the stock one (for the snow, etc  ) 


Suposedly a "custom" remap with before/ after dyno runs should be better than a Bluefin (that is supposed to be "generic", and not suitable for modified cars, or heavily modified cars) , but im not convinced, and there may not be much (if anythig) "in it"     

Oh right okay! Thanks for the info fella! I shall look into it :)

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