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Full Version: Android Tab In Dash?
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i have been thinking about getting a cheap android tab (probably a gotab6 or 7 - runs on ICS4) and thought about mounting this into the dash compartment.


I was thinking that the tab can then run the Torque app whilst i drive or even google maps etc - similar function to the Nissan GTR, although i dont know if the GTR displays maps!


I would have to remove my gauge pod and fit this in its location.


It would have to be hinged mounted so that it can be slid into the compartment and when needed you just position this into place.


Possible Issues:


power - this could be powered using the cig lighter socket - but would only work when the car is running


obd2 connection - the tabs dont have bluetooth so would have to be hardwired - obd2 cable with mini usb converter?


gps - the tab doesnt have gps which is an issue - maybe another tab then? it has to be small enough for it to fit into the compartment.


theft - hidden away into the dash compartment - hence the hinge fitting


what do you think?


Don't know anything about fitting etc or any of the tablets you mentioned but I do have one of [url=]THESE[/url] GPS, Bluetooth, 64GB memory etc It can multi-task as well ie Plays music whilst maps are showing etc  ;)  


Worth a look. 


I keep looking for dash mounts but cant find anything, you only seem to be able to get the Windscreen mounts.


Alternatively you could buy a windscreen mount, and perhaps do a bit of modification to fix it to the dash?


Someone posted something similar recently I think, putting a Sat Nav into the dash pocket. Another issue pointed out is the height that the lid opens to on that pocket, can be obstructive to view when driving, so it would just need to open enough to show the display rather than the whole way.


Think it's a great idea though and would love to see someone do it.


The idea is great and i have seen sone very good custom similar builds on youtube , there are  some units you can buy that either flip up . or rise up and would require a lot of modification.


i would love to see you have a go at this Sal and im sure you would do a great job.


Something like a Samsung note 1 or 2 with a five inch screen would be more adapt to fitting inside that chubby hole in the dash and has bluetoooth and GPS.



Have a watch of this, it's a good guide and a decent laugh too.


them dudes are mental - they made an electric supercharger using lead blowing machines!


instead of a tab, could an android phone be used? contains the features needed only issue i can think of is SIM card - would it need one to operate?

could u get a really cheap sim only deal and use it as your tracking device too?


Civic was the best, followed by the Golf with rusted panels after pouring piss and beer all over it.


I have a samsung galaxy Y (not exactly a flash phone). No SIM Card required, just works as a standalone device. I have Torque running, and also NavFree. A windscreen holder I won from a competition (on this forum actually) is what I use to pin it in place :)


If you can find a way to do it with your tablet, go for it, as its a nice idea and a good mod, but if you dont feel that brave, just a vent mounted phone holder and a droid phone should do :)


If you wanted a tablet, I recommend the Asus Google Nexus 7. I got one as soon as it came out, and its brilliant. Bluetooth, GPS, etc. Like you, I'd love to mount it in my car. Instead of a windscreen mount, i've found one that clips into the air vent. Ive tried both the windscreen sucker and the air vent, and neither are stable at high speeds. I'm scared to drive at more than about 20mph as it shakes so much! One solution i've thought of, is if you could get two air vent clips, attached to the two central air vents above the stereo, so one holds the very top of the tablet, and one holds the very bottom of the tablet? I'm going to try this when I can be bothered to get another mount.


I'd strongly recommend avoiding winscreen suckers though. I've used them and, while more stable than the air vent solution, its fallen off several times. Every time i've been driving slowly enough that I can grab it and nothings gone badly wrong, and I've always had my girlfriend there to pass it to to sort out. Next time I might not be so lucky.


Good luck, I look forward to seeing this progress!


i'd love to put in a decent branded tablet but the only issue is going to be theft - wouldnt want a scumbag to break in and pinch it...unless its removable!


mmm, decisions, decisions!


i might have a look at the samsung galaxy Y handset, as long as its big enough it might do the job. last thing you want is a small screen for all that effort!


as the tab/phone would sit inside the dash compartment i suppose the bracket/cradle could be fixed/screwed into place or modified to sit on a hinge so that it can be folded away.


first things first, i need to get hold of a cheap lid or even one thats been broken just so i can test my theory!


How about a Brodit vent mount and some good self adhesive velcro?


Galaxy Y is a 3 inch screen, not the biggest but just show what you want.




Possibly fit two of these brackets (one in each centre vent) and see how it goes from there?


i know plenty about brodit brackets - i used to work for vodafone handsfree installations parts etc (but not installin them)


will do a bit of research before spending any monies


I saw a UK seller of these, you can buy the brodit for about £30 and then the installation kit (priced on my CMAX) was about £15.


Not a bad investment for permenent and regular use, I just dont think I would use it enough to justify


right guys, a bit of an update. i have looking at lots of android tablets and the 7" tab does seem the better option but it wont fit into the dash compartment which is a pain in the butt.


the only way around this is to remove it everytime you leave the car. as the wires etc are hidden away its not an issue unless you forge to remove it and it gets nicked. 5" screens would probably fit but trying to find one that has GPS/Bluetooth/Wifi is probably gonna be hard to find as most tabs are 7-10" sizes.


i still need a cheap lid off ebay so keep your eyes peeled


Sal go for a cheap Chinese android phone , they don't need a sim card in to work , and have all the needed connections , and if your happy to loose a little of the screen then stick it in the pod , i have measured mine and it will take a 6" screen , although i only get depth of 1.5 inches , but thats all i want anyway for the Torque Pro app.

Then use a bluetooth elm327


Hi Paul,


got myself a dash lid/unit and already have the ELM BT kit too. I have seen that Phones 4 U sell cheap tabs online so need to pop into a shop to see what they are like, mind you my phone contract is up in a few months and free Samsung Galaxy Tabs are on offer so might get one of these. Gonna have to be patient as i have a few things on at present...


Hi Sal i went and had a look at a Tab2 7" , great device , but to large , it's a pity they did not reduce the outside bevel edge as this adds over an inch to width and lengh.

O looked also at a load of Tablets in Maplins , and the cheap versions don't have bluetooth , although i see there is a Wifi Elm327 available


How about this option for mounting a tablet?-


I would not recommend a cheap chinese branded tab if you intend to use the GPS feature for sat nav etc. although these tabs are very very functional... a little slower than top brands like samsung and google of course but they are very functional... they do lack GPS antenna power and you may find your self waiting a very very long time to get GPS lock, that will result in a waste of your time.


Truthfully this is what most chinese branded devices lack, the brute power, in GPS form... forget it, speaking from experience.


Go for something like a samsung or google tab these will not disappoint on GPS/3g/4g/bluetooth power.


If you do go for a chinese branded thing lol... then check this out...


Copy of samsung galaxy note 2, i have one, used it as a cheap replacement phone for a while... it worked great, gps is power is poor but it will fit


As for power you can always hardwire it to the car

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