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Full Version: Model Airbrush Kit - Scratch Repair?
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I just had a whacky thought and wonder if it would ever work? - Home chip and scratch repair with a model airbrush kit? You can buy the kits on ebay very cheap... like £15 or less for some kits... I wonder if you got a kit like this and somehow obtained the right airbrush paint for your car, if you could respray small damage yourself?


Has anyone done this on a budget?


an example kit:


I can't see why it wouldn't work, provided you prepare the area properly to give it a good key.


It shouldn't be any different to what the professionals use.


The only thing is don't they bake it on normally?

not sure, to be honest I would probably use a ford aerosol kit for small touch ups and scar coverings... I just thought it might be a way to get a better finish...

The kits look fine and should work , it's all about the prep and the right paint i guess


I used one to paint a pair of headlights and bumper - worked fine. Did a set of brows on the headlights and a chip repair on the bumper for a mate.


how did you get the right paint then Dave?


I had a paint shop near my dad's work mix it up with all the correct bits and just plonked it in the jar :P


If it's of interest, Aldi are getting some professional spraying kits in for £20.


that sounds alright, but you need a compressor I think


You do really, the air spray cans are only decent for the little model one's (although again a compressor is better).


yeah, to be honest I think for small scratches, a tin of spraint should suffice as it seems getting hold of the right paint online ready to pour and use seems impossible :(

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