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Full Version: Focus Zetec Estate 2002 - Rear Wiper Issue
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First post here. Just bought my first Ford Focus. The rear wiper will stop in random positions, so like a bull in a china shop I bought a replacement motor, fitted it and the fault still remains. Could anyone please advise me where to look next, I suspect a wiring issue, but I'm more of a computer geek than an engine guy!


Thanks in advance.



Get the wiring in the rubber conduit between the roof and the hatch checked.
It's very common for the insulation to perish and snap which leads to the wires breaking.
Unfortunately it's a known weakness on the focus.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Ok, so would that be the cables from the connector end (That attaches to the motor) to the entry point of the roof, or could it be inside beyond the human eye?!? Lol!! 



They tend to snap right in the middle of the rubber conduit.
It's down to the insulation getting brittle and the repeated flexing of the conduit causing a bending movement in the wire that snaps the wires.
Easiest thing is to see an auto electrician and get them to patch/solder in a new length of wire into the loom.
Just to warn you though, if one has snapped then the others will follow at some point.
I had it on my 99 focus and all the wires were replaced as I had problems with the wiper, brake light, demister and a blown boot release solenoid.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your advice, i'll take it round to the Auto Leccy and get this spare rear motor back on eBay. Thanks for all your help, it's appreciated.  :)

Welcome anytime.

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