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Full Version: Gps Car Tracker
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has anyone fitted a gps tracker to there car? are they worth it? or beneficial?


as this is probably the most expensive car ive ever owned, i wonder if it worth investing in some sort of tracker, and manybe if it were a thatcham type it has the possibility of bringing my insurance down,


any thoughts?


They are worth it if you have the quids for it. Most companies are a fit and monitor monthly fee, I have come across few who are a fit and leave it job, so it racks up some cost, but, your insurance goes down a little, in essence you are only really out of pocket for the installation of the box, but then if your insurance is seriously low, then you end up paying over the odd's for it.


Something like the idea of this though looks quite handy:


One off fee, no monthly reports, and you can monitor your car yourself. The only thing I am unsure of, is if the police can sniff out the trackers signal in the event of a theft.

Police don't monitor that type of tracker.
Afaik the only system we can follow is the actual Tracker branded systems.

yh thats the only downside is the price, some are massively expensive, it got me thinking when a m8 of mine suggested wether i could use the gps in my headunit to locate the car? but obviouosly would only work if the car is on, or when the theif is driving,


with regards to insurance the only 1s listed (for quotes) are thatcham etc i would presume that they discount for those listed but would they do the same for another gps tracker for example the one listed above?


do the police offer/sell any tracking devices?


Not sure about police selling them tbh, but as for insurance, each company is different. Some will, others wont.


The pleasure of the tracker boxes though is that they are wired in and always broadcast, even if you buy now and never pay again, at least you will be able to see it when it has a GPS signal. Main difficulty though, if the car is driven into a freight box then you probably wont get anything from it...


yeh true, that is becoming quite common now, stolen cars going over seas


do car manufacturers fit some sort of tracker or do they just use the usual engine amobilizer?

Manufacturers don't tend to fit trackers unless the cars are high end.
I have a tracker on mine, having used the location systems myself at work and knowing the recovery rate is near 100% it was a no Brainer for me.

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