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Full Version: Mk3 Mondeo 5 Speed Silicone Turbo/intercooler Hoses
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Hi, just a quick message to let people now that a company called DPHsport have produced a turbo/intercooler silcone hose kit for the MK3 5 speed mondeos. The hoses are available from ebay and the ebay number is 300866246818. I have been in contact with them for awhile about these kits and they have been nothing but helpful in answering my questions.





The Mk3 5- speed turbo- diesel Mondeos (TDCI & TDDIs) have 2 different types of inlet manifold/ EGR location -


One has a rear mounted EGR valve with inlet manifold coming in from the right, and the other has a front (left) mounted EGR valve with the inlet manifold coming in from the left,-


The boost hoses are mostly totally different on each type


These hoses are for the TDCi Mondeos. just so there's no confusion  :)


nice find Ben, i know several people who have been trying to find a 5 speed set

Endless Summer

What's the advantage of these hoses Vs those from Ford or stock? 


ford stock are rubber as apposed to silicone, the hose below the egr, mainly, is prone to splitting, but others have been known to also, silicone ones dont split.




Thanks steve, yeah like stevegtuk says the egr hose is very common for splitting. Where as the silicone ones last a lot longer if not the life of the vehicle. Plus silicone hoses aren't supposed to expand as much during boost giving slightly more pressure. i know some people may not agree with that but i've heard that's what there designed to do.

And have you copped a loada the prices of them.
Don't encourage these muppets that sell a £1 hose for these extortionate inflated disgusting prices. Folks goto your local scrappy.
I just got a lower infer cooler bellows hose this morning along with a really good cond crankshaft pulley,for £15
If I'd bought a silicone blue hose & CP from forge/ford it'd have cost me well over £200!!! I just don't understand why anyone would want to plug that kinda £££!?

scrap egr hoses are all very nice, but how long have they been on the car and how strong are they. you may even get it home, put it on the car and then find out its split anyway.


When oem rubber hoses are prone to splitting, why buy a second hand replacement that could split quickly. Fords new egr hoses are over £50, silicone ones are less than £30 for example


It makes more sense to buy a hose that you can put on and forget rather than a second hand one you are likely to have to keep replacing and which will end up costing more after you have bought several of them.


there are alot of parts that are much better buying from a scrappers than new, but oem parts that are known to fail arent one of them.


I can see what your saying stooge75, some parts are better bought from a scrap yard but some aren't. The price of this kit for instance is expensive but you are getting the complete kit and it will last a lot longer than standard hoses plus its the only kit of its kind (that i know of) that fits the 5 speed.


Its up to the individual person to decide whether its worth buying these type hoses for their car or not no-one is forcing them too. I'm merely letting people know that this kit is available . :)



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