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Full Version: Can Not Get My Front Screen To Demist Need Help
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Hi I have 1998 r reg galaxy I can't get the front screen to demist with hot or cold air always seem greasey but have tried cleaning screen with all sorts of stuff but not helped I though mite of been air flow to screen so changed pollen filter but still not help. Can anybody help  

few questions
if vents are set to screen, can you actually feel air running through windscreen vents and not leaking through floor vents or elsewhere
is screen heavy with condensation, if so then it indicates water in car somewhere or heater matrix is leaking...

hi tony

yes the vent are set to screen and u can feel the hot air / cold air when set to cold come tho to the screen very stong air flow but screen just wont demist. 


how can i tell if i have a leak in the heater matrix 

are you losing water from coolant bottle...if not, then you can forget that...if you are, look for water around floor, bottom of heater box area, if matrix leaks, can actually cause screen to mist up when you run the fan...same can be said if rain water enters the system through the pollen filter area.

is it heavy condensation on the screen, if it is, better off drying screen before putting heater on, otherwise can take forever to clear...this will be caused by water in the car somewhere, just need to find out if its engine coolant or rainwater

i take it, it eventually does clear, just very slowly.

does your rear washer work?

if not then check under the passenger seat for your own swimming pool.

there is a joint and it comes apart right over the central locking/alarm module.

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