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Full Version: Mondeo 2006-7 Speakers????????
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Hi everyone,


After 2 months of ownership I am loving my Mondeo, no problems whatsoever except for an ecu glitch when I stalled it, for some reason the fuel gauge started reading zero along with the fuel range also???? no idea either, turned it off and restarted and 5 miles down the road all was right again>???


Anyhow, whilst commuting to work every day at 5am I am inclined to listen to radio 2 (I am of a certain age!) but I am finding the speaker system sounds cack!

Can anyone give me a pointer to what speakers I can easily swap for the standard ones that will give me a good improvement.

I dont mind spending a few quid if anyone has installed a reasonable system they want to £400 please.



mk3 mondeos have 5x7 speakers as standard but i understand 6x9s will possibly fit too without any adapters, you are more than likelt gonna need to get a wiring adapter though.

If you search eBay for speaker adaptors you'll find them quite easily.
They convert the ford connectors to bayonet terminals found on most aftermarket speakers.
It saves chopping off the fitted speaker plugs.

just remember to get the adapters with rounded edges (newer models rather than sharp edges (older fords)


these are the type to get

Yep, pc2-815.

many thanks chaps for help and links!


I guess I will need an amp to drive the 6x9's which I already have in the garage. Can I fit the same 6x9's in the back??




the rear doors have the same size as fronts.


what sort of speaker do you have to need an amp. i have boss 350watt speakers front and back running off fords sony single cd unit.




Which 6x9 speakers are recommended for front and back then? I did not realise that the head unit would run big speakers.

Many thanks for the help!


p.s. I have an ebay account and am not afraid to use it (on some speakers!)  :-)


i think the standard speakers are 25 watts so any speakers that are higher watted will work.fords own speakers are standard 5x7s, 6x8s are as good as the same thing, i am sure members have said 6x9 but check for definite before purchasing that size.


i think the case  with power output is, if your head unit is a certain watt output then your speakers have to be that output or higher, for example, if you head unit puts out 100w per channel then each speaker needs to be 100w or above.


i dont know enough about speakers to advise the best one to get, there will be more informed members on here who will be able recommend, maybe have a look around the forum to see if there are any posts, maybe in the audio and electronics section.


these are the ones i got


Hi m8,


Are the speakers you got a good improvement using the original head unit? I have a 2007 old shape mondi with ...I think the single disc head unit cd 6000?

I really am struggling to get any base out of the standard set up! 


lol...not looking for car rocking bass improvements just something to maybe rival my wifes Signum Elite, not much to ask for!


Another question is ....can I plug a lead into the back of my stereo so I can plug my mp3 player in??


cheers m8!


when you say old shape, do you mean a mk3


if it is mk3 then there is an aux jack plug socket in the glove box for mp3s, ipods etc.


i had the 6000 then changed it for the sony single cd that plays mp3 cds, i was gonna get sonys 6cd version but i have heard alot of problems with it so i figured a cd will hold about 150 songs in mp3 format so why not get the single cd version.


the speakers are fine for me but everyone has their own preference, have a look on ebay and see what you fancy there are so many available on there its very confusing. i was tempted to go with these

i thought they might sound better with the speakers being seperate and theoreticaly classed as component, but ended up going for the boss ones




i also treated myself to a pair of chinese 500w tweeters off ebay, they only cost a couple of quid but i was suprised how well they worked, the only problem is i have fixed them onto the wing mirror interior plastic bit where the adjuster is, so they are pointing straight at me, now i have to turn the treble down and the bass up to compensate :lol:


these are the tweeters i got


Thanks ever so much for the info!


I am ordering the tweeters after I have finished here and will give the BOSS speakers a go!  when I was much younger and had a 5 gt turbo (185bhp!) I was one of the first people to throw my hard earns at one of the first full BOSS speaker installs whilst I was living in Nottingham!

I had a Kenwood 7000 (or summat?) head unit driving three amps, two subs,four mid and six tweeters, sounded really good!


Lol.....I heard there was a jack for the mp3 somewhere and never thought to look in the glove box!>?? we shall see if me samsung s3 sounds better through it now!  :)


the plugs on the right hand side right at the back of the glove box.


if you have a look on ebay you may find something better for less money, i just put in "5x7 speakers" on my search and got loads. there are adapters available too for other sized speakers, 6 or 6.5 inch round ones seem to be a popular choice too from what i have read


Standard fit (ie, not upgraded, or top-end) Ford speakers tend to be anything other than good sounding, so almost anything is a potential upgrade. 


I used to have a Cougar (also a CD 6000 style head unit) and replaced the front door speakers, and the standard head unit drove the new speakers fine; you had to adjust the front:back volume by a notch or two to cope with the slightly lower efficiency of the aftermarket speakers, but, provided that you've got a bit of volume in hand (ie, aren't close to maxing out the volume already), then that isn't a big issue.


The reward is a little genuine treble (as opposed to a few random treble peaks, and enormous holes in between) and a little better bass. Generally, even upgrading the door speakers isn't going to give you real thumping bass for your 'choons', or start a party at fifty yards, but there is a noticeable before-and-after change. It might just get you to 'tolerable' fairly cheaply; if not you will probably need that amp and something more serious in the speaker department.


if your hard up you can always use your home stereo speakers, i used to have an old escort van, at the time i worked at a scrap yard so i kept changing the radio each month when a better one came in, i had a shelf just behind the seats so lined up a load of old home speakers i had collected along it, half wired to one side half to the other, they worked a treat funnily enough :lol:  although didnt do much for my hearing.

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