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Full Version: Psi On Focus 56' Reg
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Hey guys,


Can you just confirm for me the psi on the tyres for a 56' Reg focus?


Is it 30 on the front and 32 on the back?  Think one of my valves is bust as it doesn't seem to want to inflate.



Thank you :)


It depends on your tyre size but that sounds about right. Check here to see what your tyres are recommended:


You can always go up or down a few depending on how you like the handling.


Thanks for that, I shall check.


Think I need a new tyre anyway, but is always good know!


There should be a tyre pressure chart listing pressures by tyre size and vehicle loading below the door catch on the drivers side B pillar.




The label looks something like this-




Pressures are always quoted for cold tyres, i usually add 2psi on top of my pressure to allow for warm tyres if i pump them up at a garage.


The pressures are listed in Bar (1 bar equals air pressure at sea level), pounds per square inch, and kilopascals ( .0001 bar).

I personally find it easiest to keep everything in psi.

My work car (Police dog carrying Focus estate) is recommended to 35psi rear and 32psi front due to a lot of weight in the back but my personal Focus is always set to 31psi front and back.

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