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Full Version: Flip Keyfob Button Pad
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Can any kind soul point me in the direction of instructions to changing the button pad on my flip keyfob



I would also like to know how to do this, as my buttons are worn, and repacement ones are cheap on Fleabay, but I don't know how to do the swap.


Just found this


it looks like you just prize it out, and push the new one in, not sure if I would be brave enough to destroy my old buttons when I am not sure the new ones would just press in!


has anyone tried this?


Yep exactly the way I was thinking could be worth paying a bit extra and going for shell bottom half inc new keypad and just swop internals and top half from original


I thought I would give the replacement buttons from Ebay a try.


This is what my buttons used to look like, working ok, but shiny and saggy.




After separating the blade from the buttons, I used a small screwdriver to prize the old buttons out, it is much easier if you have the new ones on the desk to look at, so you know what parts are hidden inside the key fob.




This is what the fob looks like with the buttons removed. Once you have lifted one edge, they just pull out easily. I did not damage my old buttons in any way, so they could easily be re used if I wanted to.




This is what it now looks like with the new buttons. They just press in, and work perfectly. My fob now looks and feels much newer. I did not notice the small mark on the new buttons that is at the edge near the unlock button, untill I looked at these pictures. They are very large scale, and when I look at the fob in my hand, it is almost impossible to see the mark that is so obvious in the pictures.






Well done will def give it a go now

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