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Full Version: Newbie :) - I Have A Little Problem With Wind!
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Hey peeps - newbie here, sorry but I couldn't resist the subject title of my issue lol.


Here goes, i've C&P'ed it from a post on the ffoc that I have just joined...


Basically, in brief - i can hear wind from the passanger side, sounds like its either getting into the car or its getting into the A pillar or something, here's my snippet from the FFOC that I posted. 


have one little niggle with my MKII Focus...
When I bought it - drove it back from Manchester to Bradford - car was fine, took it back to Manchester last week for the M.O.T (the garage i bought it from offered to pay for it as they didnt realise it was due)... well it's had two new bottom arms (becuase bushes where shot) and a new tire and headlamp bulb. On my drive home, i could hear a wooshing - from the wind, sounds like its getting into the car near the Passenger A pillar, it didn't do this before - i've checked where the garage has done the work underneath - nothing is missing, arch liner is all intact etc - it's really bugging me, i could hear it this morning when driving to work - i was only doing 40mph and i could hear the wind from the passenger side, windows are tight, oh before i forget - it did have a new wing mirror fitted that i forgot to mention above...

Anyone got any ideas? - really really bugging me, can even hear it with the radio on.

Anyhows, nice to meet everyone and I hope to be here for sometime.

Take care             




Have a look at the suround around the mirror by what i can gather on here they do suffer with a problem with it coming away and letting water in should imagine air as well worth a look if it has come away i would get some evostik clear sealent and seal it down that way.

Definitely sounds like something to do with the mirror. Try taking it off and make sure the seals been fitted right

as above, there could be a seal missing and it only needs a little bit missing to cause the noise.


Basically, in brief - i can hear wind from the passanger side


Get rid of the passenger then :lol:


sorry i couldnt resist, i dont actually have an answer for you

Hey thanks for the replies guys.

I was just visiting a friend earlier and decided to take a brief look, the plastic cover inside the car on the drivers side is nice and tightly fitted, there is a lip that covers the door rubber from the trim inside, on the passenger side the cover is loose, it's not been held down at the top, maybe they have busted some of the clips - I won't know until Thursday now, working earlys till Thursday so no time to dismantle it properly. Anyhow I gather it's the mirror or the casing / trim that sits against the door rubber.

Ill update this on Friday when I have more time to do the job right if this is the cause!

Apologies for the spelling, using an iPhone!

Get rid of the passenger then :lol:
sorry i couldnt resist, i dont actually have an answer for you

Lmfao that was funny!

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