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Full Version: Autosmart Dual Head Machine
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Hello all.
Does anyone have any experience in using a dual head machine polisher. Aircraft cleaners at my work use these type machines for the bright work and they get good results. But I don't have the money to spend big money to spend on a dual action machine. So has anyone used these machines on cars and get good results. I like to polish by hand but doing my focus can take a few hours and would like to cut down on hours so I can detail other areas with in the same day.

Many thanks

Mark M.K

Using a machine polisher wont speed up your work, if anything it would take longer. People use them to get better results, not because of speed

Oh I see well I've got swirl marks on my focus I've got swirlx and ultimate compound. I've tried swirlx on my gf mums c3 and it worked really well considering it's a polish. Didn't take all of it out which is why I went for ultimate compound as its abit more abrasive. Haven't tried it yet though bit thething is iI'm working by hand. Arms get tired aftera while. Btw the colour of my focus is a light blue and swirls can be seen on a nice sunny day.
Chris C-Max

For a little more than the price of the Autosmart polisher, you could the Kestrel DAS6 Power Plus, which is a far superior machine.


Or for similar money, even the standard version of the Kestrel DAS6 would be a better buy than the Smartool too.

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