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Full Version: Engine Malfunction Loss Of Power
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The engine malfunction warning comes on and the car loses power and cuts out, this has happened on several occasions and I have seemed to have narrowed it down to when it is cold approx 0 degrees. Tonight I drove the car approx 0.25 miles then parked for 10 min engine off, then when drove off engine kept cutting out when got above 2000 revs and had to keep turning over, this happened approx 12 times over 3 miles, managed to get to friends having to drive at 28 mph in 3rd gear keeping below 2000 revs who has a diagnostic machine which was connected to show no problems with car then drove at high revs and speed with no further problems, has anyone had similar problems and what was it and how was it rectified. Regards KTR

Fuel filter needs replacing :) I had EXACTLY the same issue as you a few years back on my Focus... keep the revs under 2000 and you will be fine, but as soon as you sniff that speed, your cut out, but it starts up fine again.


hi there thanks for that,


i actually ordered a fuel filter this morning, reassuring that problem solved on your car replacing fuel filter especially at £40 each, got car booked in for saturday to replace filter


Yeah it was a nuisance, but I told the garage I will pay for only one part to be replaced, and thats it.


The engine cutting out is a strong suggestion that air is being injected into the engine, and air doesnt burn well lol. normally its a seal or a damaged fuel filter housing, but its one of those simple things that can bring your car down and its so discreet, as even a hairline crack can suffice!


luckily i have a mate that will fit it and also give the car the once over, he has already run the diagnostics which came back fine

as you say its the trial and error finding the exact problem which at a garage can work out very costly


Well I look forward to positive resiults, just be sure that when its installed, the housing is in good shape, and the oring and seals are applied correctly, otherwise you will be in exactly the same position down the line.

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