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Racy Tracy

Hi folks, im a newbie. Ive just bought my second Ford, but had to down size a bit from my previous one. Jus got a Fiesta Metal 1.6 in Panther Black, used to have a Focus ST3 also in Panther Black....but an unfortunate change in jobs forced me to change the car as the Focus was getting a bit expensive to run plus it had been re-mapped. Anyhow i was wondering if anyone knew if the Metal could be re-mapped also, or is it not really worth it for the extra power that i may or may not get. Was really surprised with the Focus it went from 225 bhp to 298 bhp!!......anyhow any suggestions would be good, not really to fussed about the power output, mainly the torque.


cheers guys


Welcome to the Forum Tracy.

Welcome to the forum Tracey. It is possible to remap a metal but theyre normally fairly decent anyway whether you'd get a decent enough increase in power or torque for the money you'd spend is a different story. But youve got a decent engine to work on so its realy just goin to be down to how much money you want to spend

Welcome to the club!


Hello, Welcome to the Forum!

Racy Tracy

Hi guys, thanks for the advice. When i had my ST it cost £299 for the remap and then i bought a K & N air filter aswell. But it wasn't one of this people that come to your house with a lap top and plug it in. We drove down to a place called JD Mototech in Lancaster, who came recommended by Ford themselves. They spent all morning on it, had it on a rolling road, the temp in the bay was kept constant by fans etc, did at least 3 rolling road runs, and after each one he took the car out and actually drove it, when he got back he strapped it down again and checked the readings. He didn't just re-map the car, he altered the boost on the turbo, and increased the rev limit so it had more revs in each gear, he also increased the torque curve so it ended up with 319Nm.  So in my opinion it was well worth the money, so if I had the Metal done I would definately go back to the same guys again.

Loz Cheung
Hey, sooo jealous that you've had an st before! Engine was an absolute peach.
In my opinion though, I thought the fiesta engine was a weedy little thing and my major complaint was indeed the lack of torque.

I'm unfamiliar with remapping though so I can't predict what the differences would be, but to me I just don't know if it could be comparable unless a turbo was bolted on!

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