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Full Version: Momentary Loss Of Power Intermittently
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New owner with little issue.2006 Tdci Sport has 'cutting out'. the stereo will momentarily switch off and come back on. At the same time 2 lights on the right side dash dial illuminate, but literally for less than a second, milliseconds even, they are the red exclamation & ABS lights, along with power steering warning light on occasion too.

Any ideas????
Battery have been checked.
Alternator checked.
Terminals checked.

Headlights flicker when steering turned. Issue seems worse the more power I'm using. And increases the chances of issue appearing. So doesn't appear to bea charging issue.Further backed up by the fact the car completely dying on me not long ago and would not restart until jump leads were applied. But then fine again and not fully died on me since just does the momentary thing.Really need help!Surely someone else has had this?????Thanks.

has the pollen filter been changed recently?

The fuse box located in front of the pollen filter needs to be removed or at least flipped forward, is there a chance that the multi plugs attached to the back are loose/ not clipped down properly?

Any pics of its location?
I don't think it has been changed

cant miss it a big box under the glovebox in the pass footwell didthey check the type of battery ie is it silver calcium and do the dials go up when you switch the ignition on ie full sweep then go to there normal positions

Today for the 1st time the car has actually cut out. It would not restart. There was a loud clicking/buzzing from the passenger foot well, where all the fuses are etc. After 5 mins the car restarted and was fine.....

Does this help diagnose my issue?

I'm new on forum, so bear with me :) ... Ford Focus 2008, 1.6 Tdci, caravan ... car was used, but in perfect condition, only 56.000 km - like a baby. We continued to change oil every 10.000 km, and of course every 20.000 km all possible filters. Brakes also. It worked perfectly, passed just 100.000 and now stared to behave. During driving, when in higher speed, over 3000 rpm - it shouts down. Today we went on diagnostic, computer said turbo charger, fuel pressure, so mechanic, connected car to computer and remapped as it was new car. It worked until freeway and at 120 km/h in 5th gear, shouts down at 3100 rpm! Monday we go again, but I just want to hear any similar experiences? And if you ask how I’m driving – well, we were aware that is a new car, new engine, and were gentle, month by month stretching his performances, usually driving freeway (little start-stop town driving) regularly visiting our mechanic.

I've got videos of the issue on youtube. Search 'Asa McKenzie' and you should find them
Looks like a key or immobiliser issue the flashing red light is showing tge key isnt registering so key fault immobiliser ir ignition ring needs to get a diagnostic done im afraid
Could that really cause an issue while driving though? The car is already started usually
The red light suggests thr immobiliser and if the ecu doesnt recognise the key it will cut the power it thinks the cars being stolen it needs plugged into a diagnostic machine
What is the large black object in the pic? That's the thing buzzing when my car will not start

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